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Gate Talk with Apostle J

Gate Talk with Apostle Theophilus Jones


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This show is about the Kingdom Of God, healing, deliverance, infilling of The Holy Spirit, KINGDOM LIVING, PROPHETS AND PROPHESYING, BUILDING UP THE KINGDOM OF GOD. It is also about restoration. Restoration for your spirit, soul and body.

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A discussion of hearing and understanding God more clearly

We will discuss the importance of character. How God goes about developing one's character

We will discuss the importance of character. Character flaws and how God goes about developing one's character.

Being real Warriors Looking at Old Testament principles God instructed Adam (Ge. 1:28) 1. He was to subdue the earth 2. He was to have dominion over the earth Joshua was instructed to take the land 1. He was to possess the land... more

The apostolic/prophetic pattern is to bring change: to blow away the ashes of all that is false, to raise the dead and obsolete traditions of men which hinders the Church from maturing into the ?stature of the fullness of Christ? (Ephesians... more

The Church is still being formed and built. We don't fully know what it will look like but, we know that it will look like our Elder Brother when He returns. He is fashioning us, molding us, adjusting us to look, be and act like Him! The Church... more

Lord reveal and break the barriers that are in place. Break the ceiling off this place. Let your fire pour through the doors and out the roof of this house. Release your presence in this place and let all your houses of worship be liberated and... more

This verse describes the condition of all who enter into Kingdom living, but all too often many families have settled for less than God has provided. Instead of Righteousness, Peace and Joy there is weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth,... more

Advancing the Kingdom of God: Advance means to go or move forward or onward; to move against another, as when attacking (advance on the enemy's position); to make progress; improve. Dominion means control or the exercise of... more

Spirits associated with illegitimacy are – spurious, illicit, lawless, fatherless, misbegotten. Spurious mean not genuine, taking the place of something else and especially of something more costly, of doubtful authenticity; lacking in... more