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The Names of God used in the Bible act as a roadmap for learning about the character of God. Since the Bible is God's Word to us, the names He chooses in scripture are meant to reveal His true nature to us.ELOHIM" (or Elohay) is the first name for God found in the Bible, and it's used throughout the Old Testament over 2,300 times. Elohim comes from the Hebrew root meaning "strength" or "power", and has the unusual characteristic of being plural in form. In Gen.1:1 we read, "In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth." Right from the start, this plural form for the name of God is used to describe the One God, a mystery that is uncovered throughout the rest of the Bible. Throughout scripture, Elohim is combined with other words to describe certain characteristics of God. Some examples: Elohay Kedem - God of the Beginning: Deut 3:27. Elohay Mishpat - God Of Justice:Is30:18. Elohay Selichot - God Of ForgivenessNeh9:17. Elohay Marom - God Of Heights-Mich6:6. Elohay Mikarov - God Who Is Near: Jer 23:23). Elohay Mauzi - God Of My Strength: Ps43:2. Elohay Tehilati God Of My Praise: Ps109:1. Elohay Yishi - God Of My Salvation:Ps18:46). Elohim Kedoshim - Holy God: Lev19:2. Elohim Chaiyim - Living God: Jer10:10). Elohay Elohim God Of Gods: Deut10:17. "EL" is another name used for God in the Bible, showing up about 200 times in the Old Testament. El is the simple form arising from Elohim, and is often combined with other words for descriptive emphasis.El HaKadosh - The Holy God. El HaGadol - The Great God