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My name is Frank Garrett, Jr., and I am the host of the "Garrett Report" on BlogTalk Radio. My show is about progressive politics during the tenure of President Barack Obama. I think the change offered by the President represents a much needed shift in the paradigm. This is a new century and new ideas are needed. Listeners are invited to tune in and call me during my shows to participate in the dialog.

On-Demand Episodes

In about a week we should be seeing a difference in the polls as November 2 gets closer. I continue to believe voters are finally paying attention to the pending races, and know a return to republican rule would cause the nation to fall off the... more

With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce using foreign money to buy ads supporting republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, the Citizens United rule supported by the Supreme Court is already causing a political disadvantage in... more

With four weeks to go before midterm elections our nation stands at the edge of insanity among voters. Tea party candidates run the gauntlet from extreme to downright scary, and democratic incumbents are afraid to run on... more

Truth no longer matters in politics when voters do not hold their favorites accountable for veracity. Christine O'Donnell wants to be a senator but she lies about her education; Meg Whitman wants to be a governor but she lies about... more

With the President in campaign mode, and republicans flailing due to the lack of substance, I expect more democratic voters at the polls in five weeks. I know the races in play will be close and unpredictable but the bully pulpit edge will be the... more

We live in a very dysfunctional nation. We have a president working hard to retool our most needed areas of existence, health, education, employment, and security as he promised to do. But we also have a political party, corporate America,... more

The president spent a productive day doing something other democrats are afraid to do - talking about the achievements of this administration in spite of the obstructive behavior of the GOP. Better days are ahead if the party keeps... more

The sexual abuse charges against Bishop Eddie Long represents a growing problem in the church we must examine. Unfortunately most people think this kind of behavior is rampart in religion but it is not. I don't know Eddie, I've only... more

The tea party movement has a genesis and it is not about grass roots, but big bucks. My next show will delve a little deeper into the smoke and mirrors we are being shown about this rich men effort to take over our government. I also... more

With tea baggers jumping for joy and republicans wondering what hit them, democrats need to take advantage of the mayhem on the right. But instead of manning up you have some dems saying "let's keep giving tax breaks to the... more
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