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Tune into GaptoothDiva’s Monday Jump Off for your weekly creative motivation, where I will give you the tea on how to enhance your lifestyle and become a better version of yourself. Through beauty and fashion, lifestyle and culture, and current events, get your much-needed dose of honest and candid inspiration. No matter what background you come from, everyone deserves that friendly spirit boosting dialogue to get his or her week started right. GaptoothDiva’s Monday Jump Off features music from an array of eclectic and unique independent artist from all over the world. So pop in those headphones if you’re at your work desk, or simply turn up those speakers if you’re not; and listen to the sounds of GaptoothDiva, the Baddest Creative Motivation! Be sure to check out my official website for articles, videos, and lifestyle content at Follow me on Twitter at The Baddest Creative Motivation!

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Your ego could be the reason that your relationships fall apart, why that opportunity hasn't come around for you, or why you aren't succeeding to the best of your ability. Our egos keep us from walking into our purpose because our... more

Fear is the biggest reason why many people don't pursue their dreams or purpose. In this episode I discuss how to use fear to help you push through the obstacles that you built for yourself. Don't allow fear to get in your way, but use... more

Do you ever wonder why you always encounter a person or group of people that just want to beef with you for the simple fact that you exist? Do you find yourself getting negative energy, criticism, or disrespect from others for just simply doing... more

Have you ever wanted to start a business, get married, try something new or change your life, but didn't have every single thing you needed to get started? Well, today on the Monday Jumpoff, I discuss how to get jump started on your... more

I get so tired of hearing about amazing people with so much potential, succumbing to peer pressure and the opinions of others. We live in a society so afraid of being teased, clowned, and humiliated in public, that people will stifle... more

We have all gone through obstacles and challenges that may have hurt us to the core. Some of us have experienced broken hearts and lost loves. Some of us have past regrets and thoughts pulling us back to how things used to be.... more

You assume that people who do ?xyz?, should only talk about and do ?xyz?. You later discover that there are normal people just like you who sin, make mistakes, and do bad ish. Do you get disappointed? Then you a guilty of putting... more

You've come so far from where you were. If we all look back to our state of mind, our train of thought, and our beliefs and experiences, we all have grown one way or another. Now of course, some of us have grown much more than others,... more

It hard when you have so many obstacles in your way and things just seem to be on a pattern of being bad or getting worse. The hardest part about it all, is that many people will expect you to smile through it all as if nothing is wrong. I will... more

Nowadays, people are always complaining about not having real friends. Not wanting "new" friends, and having to decipher the fake and frauds from everyone else. Cultivating real friendships isn't as hard as it seems. Everything isn't for... more
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