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With International Gamification Keynote Speaker and Author Monica Cornetti. Join Monica each week and learn how to Level Up! your training and development program with this cutting-edge strategy to motivate and engage employees. Her platinum level guests include, gamification gurus, platform providers, and end users who will give you tips, tools, and techniques to add immediately to your leadership toolbox. Put Gamification to work for you!

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A casual open mic session where Dutch turns the tables on Monica and interviews her about gamification and the 2020 workforce. About Dutch Driver: Dutch's 15+ years in organization development embraces a broad-reach of... more

Learning communities—when done well—create a collaborative environment where learners thrive, contributors do their best work, and fosters learning that can be applied to tackle complex real-world issues. This week my... more

With special guest Igor Radic - CEO and VP of For someone new to the industry, the concept of Gamification can be hard to grasp let alone implement. In an era where bringing a product/solution to market quickly is key... more

The experts agree that opportunities in L&D to apply gamification are only growing, and more opportunities translate into higher pay. Trends project a continued employee engagement crisis, the arrival of Generation Z, the swell of... more

With Special Guest – John Chen of Have you ever been tasked to plan a corporate or association meeting – and you struggled with how to get engagement from your attendees at meetings? Are you tired of the... more

With special guest - Dr. Katrina Firlik of HealthPrize. Failure to stick with important medications for chronic conditions is a serious problem across the globe. In the US alone, it costs an estimated $290 billion in otherwise avoidable medical... more

With special guest Jordan Fladell, EVP and Co-Founder of mLevel ( Today we're going to explore mobile learning. As I've worked on gamification strategies for organizations that plan to use mobile devices... more

With special guest Gal Rimon of Enterprise gamification is evolving, influenced by changes to performance management methodologies, the concept of fitbit and the quantified self, a deeper understanding of employee... more

With special guest Joshua Roberts of How to take advantage of video games in the world of learning looks at the best aspects of video games and how we can apply that information in... more

Design of a winning gamification project is FUN and a lot of hard work. When done incorrectly, you can actually negatively impact your workers. Instead of asking, ?How can we leverage gamification in our organization?? begin with... more