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games we play Relationship- 101

games we play: Relationships 101


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let's get right to the Freak ish. When do you let your partner know that you are a straight freak? and when is a good time to go beyond what you guys have already encountered with each other, and add that spice to the bedroom? What are... more

In this episode we attempt to define the word "HOE"! What makes a man or woman a hoe? Can a man be a hoe? Is there a hoe threshold? like how many partners makes one a hoe? We throw this word around so much and so... more

On today's show, we are talking about those uncanny relationships where your significant other insists that their ex is only their best friend or really good friend. They swear they have no feelings for them and no sexual intentions. So... more

Yep!! we are gonna go there! We are gonna discuss the infamous "HALL PASS". This is when your significant other gives you a pass to step out on the relationship once in a while. It's been a big topic of conversation since the whole "Toya and... more

This week we continue part 2 of the "Password Nuptials". Things heated up quickly last week in the studio. There was no love as our hosts "Mr. Yours truly" and "Candy" went toe to toe at odds on this particular subject. LOL This... more

When should you have to give up that passwords for your phone? For that matter, should you ever have too? As simple as some may think this topic is, having a password on a phone in a relationship can cause a lot of problems. But... more

We will be talking about the trust factor in relationships. Why people cheat and if some one does cheat, can they ever be trusted again? This is going to be a hot one. Every one has their own "war stories" about being cheated on and... more

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Chime in @ 6:30 pm to let us know what you think about having limits or being limitless on the First Date. How Familiar should we get?