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Me and Richard are back and we are gonna talk about the events that happend this pask week and why we have been gone for soo long!
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more stuff

Final Fantasy X HD and X2is getting bundled as one! also Fez comming to PC and talks about a Vita verison and Aliens is getting a huge 4GB patch and much more on this episde

People complaining about God of War! and a new Drakenguard game and MegaMan is getting another cancelled game and much more on this episode!

WE are going to talk about mass effects last DLC and the New sleeping dogs and how suddenly games are getting added hard modes and a new Lost plantet plus the God of War ascension special edition budle comes with a giant DLC... more

in this episode we are interviewing the developer on the new upcomming PC game Go to Hell Dave

In this episode we will speak more about Sony's PS4 event and some of the games and plans that were mentioned during the event. We will also speak more on some of the topics we went into in yesterdays episode.

this episode we let callers come in and chat for some strange reason people love to talk about pubes?

The next assassins creed is already in works but made by a different team! same thing with smash bros and Sony has let superbot go! and more on this episode!

Today me and my co-host are going to interview one of the creative minds behind an upcomming game called Super Comboman!
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