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We've been asked why we don't show our faces. There are pictures of our lovely faces all over the internet, but our faces are not important. Our voices are. Remember the sound of our voices. We are the voice of a community that is overlooked and under served. We are gamers. The fact that we're girls is insignificant. Come for the boobs. STAY for the brains.

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Up up, left, right down , right trigger! GO. It's GGR with this week in gaming! (Simulcast on Youtube -

Pink and pretty and sparkly...definitely not us. Listen live as we show off the latest and greatest in what is geeky and fashionable. Plus our favorite SL Fashion designers, to celebrate Fashion Week!

Guess what happened this week?! You're not going to believe what's happened...First..oh nevermind, just wait and listen live. You might win! ( aren't saying what you might win, could be nothing)

Oh, SNAP. Snow's up in this piece setting up the show! What's this button here... *bzzzt* Uh. Right. Tune in to find out what's been going down in gaming-land, and hear us rock this hizzle. Fo drizzle.

It's all about the love this week baby, as GGR shows off the geekiest Valentines to give you Geek sweetie! Simulcast on Youtube

If it's a scandalous or merely noteworthy, we're going to talk about it in our own crazy way.

Pixelated bitchery abounds again this week again as the ladies bring you more of their favorite geeky things. *Simulcast on youtube, with video*

Those pixelated bitches are back again this week to show you all that's hot and not in the world of geekery. You know where to be...right? Don't make us punch you in the throat. Watch Live on Youtube

The accident you don't want to see, but can't look away, we are GGR and we gots smutty gaming news to share with you. #TWIG Simulcast on Youtube and Blog Talk Radio

The high bitchtresses (yes that's right, we make new word) of pixelated geekery and fashion are at it again this week, showing you our favorite geeky clothes and things from around the web! Be there..or else. #Pixinista -The only LIVE Video... more
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