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Interviewing game industry insiders and discussing the latest in game business monetization, politics and gossip.

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Game Academy Radio is the official weekly radio show from Each week we feature insider game business tips spanning mobile, console and pc platforms while discuss the latest trends and... more
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The biggest panel of guests in Game Academy Radio history, this week I interview six of the members of Black Shell Games, an indie studio that recently released their first game SanctuaryRPG. What makes the game so interesting?... more

This week, I had the pleasure of discussing David Murent's Freshman game Starship Corporation. An amibitious first game to be sure, Murent and a recently hired team has been steadily developing this space corporation tycoon for a few... more

Chances are, you have played a game by Rob Jagnow. Most notably, Rob and his team at Lazy 8 Studios released a little Steampunk puzzle game called Cogs that made waves on mobile devices and Steam a few years ago. Addictive yet... more

Jeffery Foxx has been creating games his entire life, though his upcoming game, Home Safe, is the first game he has ever developed. Join me this week as Foxx (Mulder) and I discuss Foxx's early years, in which he would create games out of... more

This week, Dusty highlights some of the most exciting indie games scheduled for release in 2014, the role indie games will play on consoles this year, and more. 2014 is going to be another awesome year for the indies - learn why in this... more

Nerd Monkeys, a new indie studio based in Portugal, has written a love letter to the 90's adventure genre by way of Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in the Hotel Lisbon. At first glance, the game appears as if it is based on... more

One of the most interesting teams to be interviewed on Game Academy Radio, it is my pleasure to interview this unique trio. Side Dish Games consists of Charlie and Jaimie Copprell - a brother and sister that have used their... more

Fifth Column Games isn't your typical indie studio. Consisting of roughly 14 talented employees and founded only in 2011, the studio has developed social games for some of television's most successful IPs, such as Pawn Stars, Top... more

Saurabh Shukul, lead developer and founder of Elev8 Games is my guest this week, and we discuss in-depth about his two-man game Lost in Paradise. It's a point-and-click adventure game where players must survive on an island using... more

If you enjoy long, in-depth interviews, you're going to enjoy this week's show. The longest interview we have ever had over at Game Academy Radio by far, my guest this week was Dave Williams of Jellyfish Games as we discuss his team's... more