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Game Centric Radio features discussion of card, board, video, and table-top roleplaying games. The team will review and explore all areas of gaming.

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Ever wonder, as you play your favorite game, "Gee, I wish I could dress up like that character?" For most, this is comes and goes as a fleeting dream. Some, however, take it upon themselves to assemble all of the sewing skills as well as... more

Come celebrate with us as GCR turns one this week! It is a very auspicious time, and we will celebrate in style! Halloween is also upon us, so we'll also take a look at some scary, horror-filled games of all shapes and sizes -- and a... more

This week, the GCR Crew is taking a break from all the Con and event happenings to bring to you what we are currently playing. It's going to be more of a free-form, casual discussion. So tune in, and don't miss out!

Join the Game Centric crew as we discuss gaming accessories -- but not the ones we plug in to our systems! We're going to be talking about tee-shirts, bags, customized jewelry, where to buy great gamer-wear, and monthly box options... more

Join the GameCentric Radio Crew as we review our weekend at RamenCon! We'll discuss panels, gaming, anime, and all the other cool stuff we find along the way. We'll also be sharing some delicious suggestions for cheap (or free!) gaming... more

Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing and the weather is, unfortunately, changing too. Never fear, with a new season comes in a new opportunity to look forward to new games and learn more about some awesome upcoming events!... more

For many people, the end of August marks the start of another school year -- whether that's trying to slide through the first week of college, a trudge through another year of high school, or a leap into graduate school. And, despite it being... more

Over the summer, you poured your heart and soul into your favorite games. You made it up to level 99 in that RPG and you managed to take down the hardest Raid Boss in your go-to MMO. But, now, you have to put them away and... more

Ever wonder just what goes into your favorite game? Sure, it seems like the developers have an easy time of it, but what really goes on behind the iron curtain of Game Design? This week, The GCR Crew will delve into the depths of... more

Gotta catch them all! -- that sums up just about every game out there that requires players to collect things. Whether it be cards, pocket monsters, or even chaos emeralds, we are all driven to obtain the elusive 100% in all the collectible... more