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God revals through the Bible that he will bless us if we handle money according to his principles. Many of us have fallen victim to overspending and do not know how to end this cycle. This is a show for Christians who want to know more about handling finances according to Biblical principles. In doing so, God can bless us. Bring a Bible for maximum results.

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Today we are going to have a little change in the format of the program and focus on the financial principles which will lead us to financial security. Our discussion will cover how to protect our homes and businesses from finacial... more

Satan will do anything to keep us from serving God and receiving our blessings. We have to be on guard each and every day. The proper preparation through the word will help us to be victorious and to be able to take astand agains his... more

Jesus teaches to love our enemies and it may be one of the most chaleenging things to do in life, even for a Christian. Today's discussion is on love.

When wew were saved, we began to walk in the truth of the living word of God. For some reason, many Christians chhoose to continue to walk in the error of their ways. Instead of reading the Bible, they turn to occult practices... more

Dorcas was a disciple of Christ and the stroy holds many lessons to us as Christians. What does it really mean to be saved? As we reflect on how we can teach the women in Pakistan how to make a living through their sewing, we can... more

We have opened a sewing center for the women in Pakistan. This is an important move for women who desire to help support their families.

If the yung man had been following Jesus, he would have been transformed and not killing children. Jesus had a public ministry which involved healing and delivering people from evil spirits.

Jesus loved the children and he told his disciples to model ther behavior in their faith. We will explore the teachings of Jesus regarding children and how it relates to preventing crimes against children.

Could we have been dealing with the anti-Christ spirit? There afre ways of recognizing the anti-Christ spirit and we have to beware that it is very real. There are traits of the anti-Christ spiirt that should let us know that we need to... more

We have just experienced the tragic loss of many innocent victims because of the lack of one soul to be able to control his actions and reactions. What was behind this act and how can we prevent tis from happening to our families?