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The adage "money makes the world go round" is only secondary to the reality that "hypnosis makes the world go 'round.' Listen and judge for yourself.

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Warning...this episode concerns the most disturbing and disgusting use and abuse of hypnosis in over the top malicious ways. Focusing on one video that can be seen on you tube and then branching out into other strategies that... more

In this 2 hour show Gaia will discuss New Age Spirituality is the latest 'fad' for the affluent. Call in if you like as Gaia welcomes interaction on this topic. 'Spiritual Teachers' Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks et all will be examined as the... more

Gaias views and personal experiences re love.

Personal observations concerning why money is important...reasons perhaps that you never thought or simply took for granted so much so that you never realized the most fundamental reasons why having more than enough vs having not... more

A challenge to Anthony De Mello and others of his ilk with the ludicrous notion that virtually all suffering is caused by our automatic knee jerk reactions and his assertaion that no one has ever hurt anyone rather the only person who can... more

As with all Gaia' shows this one dealing with what the concept of friendship that hopefully will get you to reassess what friendship really is and not what the hypnotic brainwashing you have believed all your life is misled you to believe it... more

This episode is meant to at the very least get you to begin to question the validity of everything you take for granted as being true. For a few what you hear you already know. For most i suspect what is said will seem alien and for some too... more

Generally speaking submissive men are healthy men. However and similar to the fact that drinking in moderation can be good for your health as it has been said that a daily glass or two of wine seems to be good yet as with everything in... more