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Gaia ODea

Hypnotic Mind Massage with Gaia O'Dea


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New and controversial aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy will be aired, including but not limited to hypnotic mind massage; choosing the hypnotic trance as an alternative to the use of drugs and alcohol; hypnosis as a vehicle for for connecting with the Divine; paranormal hypnosis; increasing use of hypnosis for "safe sex;" the benefits of phone hypnosis; coma hypnosis; unethical uses of hypnosis exposed; hypnosis as an effective healing method; and secrets of hypnosis.

On-Demand Episodes

Discussion of how new technologies such as covert hypnosis, data mining, big data, the power of google equal mass mind control is here and the ease with which this is true. Disturbing episode.

In this episode Gaia O'Dea's intent is to share some observations meant to shake up standard points of view, or lack of a wide variety of notions, events, and actions that are, perhaps have not been explored sufficiently. 'Truths', morals,... more

This epidoe is a little bit different than all my other ones. That I am choosing to air this, arguably takes the cake in terms of how far beyong bizarre I can be; spontaneously so. This episode was not planned. I decided to do this less than... more

I would suggest that before you listen to this episode you watch the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pduovwjM27c from 2:00 to 3:05 of this you tube Please listen to this 1 minute segment and just keep what you hear in mind. I put... more

If you really love the trance, then you know what I am talking about when i speak of that 'shift' in perception that you not only seek, but crave. If you have never experienced this 'shift' then it is unlikely you can honestly say you have a real... more

Many terms cannot be conveyed in English and the concept of Schadenfreude, now, if not a household word in English, is widely used in the English speaking world. However the CONCEPT of Schadenfreude is misunderstood by all but... more

Discussing monotheism vs Polytheism. Most believe that it was progress when monotheism replaced Polytheism especially with with the arrival of Christianity. I argue here that on the contrary, that polytheism was the advanced form of... more

This is the second episode dealing with notions and ideas not often thought about, ideas and concepts that stray from ordinary conversations. If some of this sounds familiar to you, perhaps some iof the ideas discussed will have crossed... more

Gaia's back w/ this first show in a long time, which deals with a wide range of notions that perhaps you had never thought of before, or from the prospectives that are introduced here. This episode ,and the next few you could say are as... more

All about how life works..especially when dealing with stranger and how having discretionary powers can in one instant change another's entire future...this has nothing to do with the 'rules of the system' rather this is the opposite the so... more