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This is a show dedicated to progressive and positive way of living life. Being happy, healthy, and having fun is what life should be all about! Music, friendship, politics, romance, and pop culture will be just a few of the hot topics that will be discussed on my show. There is something for everybody, some of the content is made for mature audiences only so just a heads up. It's gonna get wild at times!

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This Friday night show is going to be about the Gun Control problem in America. Obama just signed some executive orders that is rustling feathers all over the country. Lets talk about these things!

HELLO 2013! First episode of the new year it's time for some new beginnings! I'll be talking about some things to that I feel are very important to have going on in life to make your year smooth sailing. Things gotta change for the better.

On this episode me and my AMAZING friend Lisa Paris are gonna be talking about just rad living and how everybody can achieve that this summer!!!

Me and my buddy Ethan and a special guest gonna be talking about music and the amazing party that will be goin down Sunday night THE SUPER MTV MOVIE AWARDS PARTY!!!!

This show is plundging into a bottomless pit feeling that is in this day in age called looking for a job. I'm going to point out some of the brick walls that many of us hit while seaching and hopefully shed some positive light so we can get... more

Todays topic is racism and the different entities that are within it. Racism has many different looks and meanings, were gonna touch on a few of those in this episode.

This show is about when you leave clothes or any other piece of your personal property at someones house after a nice night and then you try to get it back and they say it's gone. Or females that purposely leave things behind so they have... more

This episode is about celebrities that are pushing the envelope in the shenanigans department. Strange, risky, and sometimes all out bad behavior, are they being rewarded for this behavior?

This show is about how the Japanese are handling the aftermath of this current disaster they are facing and how the rest of the world has behaved in the past after enduring similar disasters.

This episode is about all the negative and non cool stuff people put out on the internet.
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