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Christian Radio Show, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the radio show to help people by encouraging them, challenging them, and edifying them.

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Ep# 140 Serving in Somalia & Gun Control w/guest Buckley Wilford Welcome to G220 Radio, on this episode my guest will be Pastor Buckley Wilford who will share his testimony, talk about his time serving in Somalia & Gun Control. I pray... more

Ep# 139 Sunday Morning Sonrise

Ep# 138 To Preach or Not To Preach: Who Sends? part two Welcome to G220 Radio, episode #138 To Preach or Not To Preach: Who Sends? part two. If you was with us from the first time we attempted to cover this topic you know that... more

Jesus's disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. But while your private devotions are essential, so is learning how to pray corporately or publicly. On this episode, George Alvarado will dive into some thoughts about praying... more

Ep# 136 Why Pastor's Quit? Balancing the Pastorate.w/guest Pastor Glenn Dunn Welcome to G220 Radio, on this progam we like to talk about a wide variety of topics from a biblical worldview. Our hope is that you will be... more

Episode #135 The True Israel of God Welcome to another episode of G220 Radio. On this edition of the program we are going to be taking a look at the true Israel of God. Also we have a interview for you from are good friend John Eckel... more

Ep# 134 Sunday Morning Sonrise~Amazing Grace Welcome to G220 Radio's Sunday Morning Sonrise where every Sunday Morning we hope to encourage and uplift you as you prepare to go off and gather together with the saints to give... more

Ep# 133 This Age & The Age To Come Welcome to G220 Radio, it feels like forever since there has been a live episode although its really only been a few weeks of some down time. Want to wish everyone a happy new year. Speaking... more

Ep# 132 Sunday Morning Sonrise~Gospel Music Welcome to G220 Radio's Sunday Monring Sonrise, where we play uplifting and encouraging music for you to listen to as you prepare yourself for Sunday Morning Worship

Ep# 131 I Am a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N Welcome to G220 Radio, on the program today we will be listening to an audio recording from Anthony Silvestro while he was out at Repent & Witness in New York that is held by Christian Collegiate... more