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Christian Radio Show, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the radio show to help people by encouraging them, challenging them, and edifying them.

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A look at the Biblical account of the Birth of Jesus Christ. This week on G220 Radio, Its all about Christmas! The phone lines will be open you can call in and share your thoughts on Christmas......maybe your for or against it and you... more

Episode 43 Pentecostalism...is it just Charasmatic Chaos? with Guest: Canaan Gonzalez On this episode of G220 Radio my guest Canaan Gonzalez and I will be discussing Pentecostalism. The Pentecostal movement has been around... more

Episode 42 True & False Conversions with Guests: Remember Ministries (John Eckel & Tim Alexander) Ever wonder why so many people profess to be a Christian with very little to no understanding of the most essential biblical truths... more

Episode 41 Red grace Media/ Texas/ Open Air/ Islam In the first hour of G220 Radio I will be interviewing Emilio Ramos about the aboved mentioned topics an more. So join us as we find out about Red Grace Media and what it is all about,... more

Episode 40 Healthy Living & Giving Thanks On this episode we are going to be talking with my guest Casey Walker about Healthy Living. Casey will share with us his story of how he changed his life around to being much healthier. Getting... more

On this episode of G220 Radio we are going to talk about how so much of what evangelicalism in America is doing today is man centered. The Feel Good Gospel, its all about YOU! How YOU can have a better marriage! How YOU can have... more

G220 Radio is going to test the waters and see how we will do with a two hour show, not so much with the show how the show will fair but with the host. On this episode of G220 Radio we will have two full hours of content to bring to you,... more

On this episode of G220 Radio we will be joined by Blair Radney to talk about hunting through the Christians worldview.

On this episode of G220 Radio we talk about Ghosts, Demons and Halloween. Have you ever wondered if ghosts were real? Can someone who has passed on be stuck in between worlds unable to move on and be a ghost? What about... more

Hello G220 Radio listeners, on this episode we dont really have any theme or main topic really to call te show. So we are going to open the phone lines up for the listeners to call in and say hello. What about these statements "I plead the... more