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For Your Image, LLC (FYI) created to help Up & coming artists, individuals, and businesses create, improve and/or image their image. Follow me today and learn how to transform your image and life.

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Hello everyone sorry for the delay and the unexpect cancelled shows, Please tune in tonight as I discuss what's been going on these past couple of weeks. Tune in for a tip on branding your image. Please remember you can play my archived... more

Tune in tonight for a complete update on all thats been happening with some celebrities, my current journey and tips for your skin and business. A question added to the WOULD YOU segment of the show: Would you engage in... more

Tune in tonight talk more on self improvement tips for your life and business. Please be advised that I will be skipping a couple of my wednesday shows to catch up the sunday shows. Question added to the WOULD YOU section of the... more

Tune in tonight as I discuss and quiz you on things that not only deal with your brand but also how society categorizes men vs. women. Tip: Remember what you don't finish in one day will be there for you to handle on the next day. When... more

Tonights topic(s) I will touch on Robin Williams death and the media circus that now surrounds his death, more celebrity news and 2 new challenges to help assist you in being more creative with your business and when to take a day off.... more

Tune in tonight for my weekend update and discuss what the super moon that we are having tonight means. More questions added to the Would You segment of the show: Would you allow your significant other to go to the strip club(s)?. As... more

Tune in tonight as I share my new experience cooking with ????. New question(s) added to the WOULD YOU segment of the show: Would you have a baby for someone no matter what the situation is? Would you give your all to a company... more

Tune in tonight to talk about how you and/or your business is fairing with the economy. What drastic changes did you have to make towards your business or lifestyle. Tune in for celebrity news and more questions added in the WOULD... more

I try to avoid drama but it seems to follow me, tune in tonight to hear what has recently happened that I am not sure as to why drama needs to be present right now? Privacy, is that even a word anymore with cameras being... more

Another quick late night show about my weekend, thoughts, tips and ideas. Tune in for 15 mins. and please give feedback its always appreciated. So let me ask you what are your skills set? what sets you apart from the next person wanting... more