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For Your Image, LLC (FYI) created to help Up & coming artists, individuals, and businesses create, improve and/or image their image. Follow me today and learn how to transform your image and life.

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BREAKING NEWS!!!! Tune in tonight as I discuss all the hot new topics going around on social media. I want to share some frustrating events that is happening. We are getting what should be is our last batch of some heavy snow... more

Set back after set back after set back...Ugh how to stay a float of it all and keep a positive outlook on everything. Well think of it like this, "This too shall pass." Getting established in an organization is a good way to consistent with your... more

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! YAY!!! Tune in tonight for my birthday weekend update, a sensitve topic and celebrity news/drama. What avenues have you taken to find your purpose? How long did it take for you to find your passion... more

Tune in for a brief update on image branding. Remember you can play past shows for topics, interviews and tips. FOLLOW me on IG @STEWYCHEWY. Business inquiries email me at Once again thank... more

Happy Late Valentine's Day to all my supporters! Tune in tonight for my updates and Ideas. I need your help on a class assignment that I have, its creating a persuasive topic. Any ideas? Well as we are approaching the last 2 full weeks of... more

Don't second guess yourself, you go it! Ok want to know what I am talking about tune in tonight, as always I will talk with you on topics that maybe you did or did not know about, in which may help you. Hooray! we are on our last week of... more

We are now in February the love month, no actually its Black History month. Tune in tonight as I discuss all that is up coming, celebrity news, and more. We are going to have winter for another 6 more weeks, like yeah I so knew that lol!.... more

Tune in tonight for updates an just plan ol' talk about anything and everything (that's life right?!). Nothing is more important than how you view yourself and life, so let's talk about it. Don't be afraid to take life by the horns is the phrase for... more

Tune in tonight, I will briefly go over some more image branding tips. Nothing is more important than helping others in business and outside of business. You may not have the funds to help however your presence and/or words will be greatly... more

Its here our 3rd sunday of the month, this month is nearing to its end, how many of ya'll have your taxes done? If not, how many of you will have them done next month? Have you prepared yourself for what next month may hold? Reminder:... more