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It's all about fantasy wrestling! From the veterans of the E-Fed Guerillas podcast to news about the ULTRATITLE Tournament, it's all here!

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El Gringo Loco takes you on a tour of quick efed results from over the weekend and some things we missed on last Friday's Efed Guerilla Radio! Sometimes guests join for interviews and things! This week: Coverage of... more
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For the first time ever, Pete and El Gringo Loco will be on the air sans the presence of Ford or Colin! Jeremy (Madman Szalinski) is supposed to call in with a huge announcement, EGL talks to Pete about the return of the CSWA,... more

El Gringo Loco and Gordon bring you more awesome efed coverage! Scheduled guests include: Nick Harris from FWA, Angelo Valour from Can X Pro, and Heath Sommersby from 220 Wrestling! Results reviews TBD.

El Gringo Loco and his trusty new co-host Gordon bring you a cavalcade of guests (hopefully) to celebrate American Thanksgiving! People who have said they will call in include Thomas Pain and Josh Anderson from INFERNO, Jesse... more

El Gringo Loco has a new regular cohost, and it's Gordon Lowe! The duo will cover a host of efed results, including PURE Wrestling Seattle (http://pureseattle.proboards.com) Insurgency Wrestling Federation... more

Join JR "Bad Guy" Brown and Greg "G-Money" Nicholson as they discuss Revolution 120, SHOOT Project happenings on and off screen, and take your questions and calls. If last week's show is any inclination, Blacklists and Blue... more

J The Ripper is back for one night only! EGL hosts as his once co-host gets out of the efed retirement home and back into the jungle for ONE NIGHT! ALSO: We'll have an interview with Tyota McBain, who runs the Cutting Edge Crew efed!

HOST: EL GRINGO LOCO RESULTS PURE Wrestling Seattle purewrestling.proboards.com @PUREWrestlingWA + Next card preview PW FRONTIER frontier-wrestling.co.uk @PWFRONTIER + Next card preview... more

SHOOT Project's JR "Bad Guy" Brown and G-Money Nicholson, Jr bring you all the latest on SHOOT Project's Revolution 120, including predictions, late breaking stories and updates on a recruiting drive tournament.

My call dropped seconds before episode 177 could go into overtime, so I scheduled THIS late night show and here's what we came up with! Guests : (Fake Josh) Greg Perrin, Gordon Fury, Josh Curtis, and FGA's Usual Suspects

News from NBW Pinnacle PPV, PWFRONTIER's 50th show (since we missed it last time), and more!
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