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It's all about fantasy wrestling! From the veterans of the E-Fed Guerillas podcast to news about the ULTRATITLE Tournament, it's all here!

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El Gringo Loco takes you on a tour of quick efed results from over the weekend and some things we missed on last Friday's Efed Guerilla Radio! Sometimes guests join for interviews and things! This week: Coverage of... more
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Hosts: EGL and Justin Herron. Discussion included news about Frontier Grappling Arts vs. Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER in the Battle of the Frontiers, United Wrestling League, jOlt, Bodycount, TWITWF's first card announced, and an... more

Join us for your regularly scheduled broadcast of efed guerillas! Hosts Ford, Russo & Colin discuss everything e-wrestling. On the line this week: T-Marv from APW discusses their upcoming Pay Per VIew. Ben Pants, handler of... more

Join Jesse Ramey and the return of none other than Special K himself, Keegan. As we talk and rant about everything e-wrestling related!

The Not Very Thought Out Podcast : The Disappointing Sequel.

Join Colin, Russo, and Ford as they bring on former handler and match writer for the FWO, John Comey for a verbal version of his cult classic ILLTHOUGHTOUT Chat. ANYTHING goes when Comey is on the line.

With El Gringo Loco and Justin Herron!

Join Jesse Ramey and El Gringo Loco as they entertain special guest JUSTIN VOSS - LIVE from Australia!!! Also expected: News from the EPW King of the Cage Tournament, and more!

Colin, Ford and Russo talk NFW's Brawlapalozza 54, have T-Marv on the line from APW, and talk Warren's Modern Day Gladiators PDF Wrestling game from drivethrustuff.com.

Join special guest host Mike Stanton as he talks about EPW's most recent pay per view Black Dawn, and other such general non-sense! It's Anniversary week here at Efed Guerillas. It's as much YOUR birthdays as it is mine!

Join Efed Guerillas as it celebrates its 2nd year Anniversary! The return of the original line up, as EGL and Jesse Ramey go over all things ewrestling! Special guests from TWO Stars are expected to appear!
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