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It's all about fantasy wrestling! From the veterans of the E-Fed Guerillas podcast to news about the ULTRATITLE Tournament, it's all here!

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El Gringo Loco takes you on a tour of quick efed results from over the weekend and some things we missed on last Friday's Efed Guerilla Radio! Sometimes guests join for interviews and things! This week: Coverage of... more
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Join hosts El Gringo Loco & J The Ripper for the weekly Friday edition of EFG at 10PM EST. The trial period continues for co-host Mike Lifer as we discuss whether e-wrestling is kayfabe wrestling, like pro-wrestling, or shoot style like... more

It's everyone's favorite efedding coverage, Efed Guerillas, bringing you the Quick Roll-up! Results will be presented as quick style results for a short recap of what happened over the weekend and what we missed on Friday night's show. This... more

What happens when J The Ripper (@THEJTheRipper) takes over the studio with Jeremy Cundiff (@autotunemy)? Sheer mayhem! Could this be the worse EFG in history making it the absolute best or just making it absolutly horrible as it goes... more

Last Friday was a huge milestone for us, the 200th episode of Efed Guerillas! On that show, J the Ripper announced that we'd be looking to give trial runs to new co-hosts. ONE people start their trials tonight! Chris Mendryk (Kross of WWO... more

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our 200th episode last Friday! This is the launch of a new weekly program on Efed Guerillas as El Gringo Loco covers all of the action missed from last week and over the weekend! This week we'll have... more

Part 3 of our interview with ½ of the NWA Southern Tag Team Champions IOW, @KerryAwful_! Also coverage of EXODUS Pro's the Downfall of Us All, OCW's Blackout2, and a preview of Internet Wrestling Society's upcoming card!... more

Kerry Awful is back with us for part 2 of his interview "From eWrestler to Wrestler!" Follow @KerryAwful_ on Twitter and look his matches up on YouTube! Also, Ernie reviews some RPs!

Indy wrestler Kerry Awful, out of Nashville, sat down with us for an interview. We discussed his time in ewrestling and what it meant to him! Part 1 in the series. Please tweet every day! "@WWE make your tag team division AMAZING... more

The handler of Nicole Hamilton/Kaylee Hale joins us for an interview! Host EGL and intern Trailer Park Prodigy go over results from INFERNO and 220 Wrestling. And what mischief will co-host J The Ripper get into this week? Also a quick... more
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