Personalized Life Solutions

Personalized Life Solutions

Fuzzy and Suzy Manning

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Suzy and Fuzzy Manning love to engage fully in life living their dream to impact the quality of people’s lives. Suzy is passionate about helping women gain purpose, empowerment, and inner peace at midlife. Fuzzy is a Heart-Centered Intuitive who offers personalized solutions that easily integrate into your life to achieve success and happiness. They believe that you can manifest your dreams, renew your spirit, and achieve an extraordinary life if shown how. They have lived on Isagenix products since 2005 and have seen a significant difference in their health, their wellness, their energy level, and their financial freedom. At age 67, Suzy exercises regularly attending barre class, and Fuzzy, at age 70, is a road cyclist. Isagenix is the answer for weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging, and wealth creation. Isagenix has allowed them to create the lifestyle of their choice!

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