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Funny to the MOON with The Big Funny and Da All Knowin' Samoan... The web's only SELF TAUGHT WORKING CLASS PODCAST created by Stand-up comedians, Teina Manu and Travis Simmons aka THE BIG FUNNY. We discuss any topics. If you are a human that asks questions, debates, argues, thinks, researches, and loves new information, THIS IS THE PODCAST for you. No topic is off limits on Funny to the Moon live daily. THIS SHOW IS RECORDED WHILE TEINA REMODELS HIS HOME.

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Topic Flow ~ We finally a name for them! ~ Young white racists ~ Can't find a good man ~ What is a good man for Krista? ~ Are Humans supposed to be monogamous? ~ What would a beautiful relationship be like? ~ Frat boy sense... more

TUNE IN! 7:30 - 10:30pm Pacific You don't wanna miss this! UNSCRIPTED LIVE STREAMING Listen/Questions/opinions/comments 818 739 8913

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." -- Martin Luther King, Jr. UNSCRIPTED STREAMING live 2pm - 5pm... more

Live unscripted! Listen live 818 739 8913

The Good and the Bad! ~ 6 - 9pm Pacific 9pm - midnight Eastern Live unscripted riff! Comedians Teina Manu, Travis Simmons and Funny to the Moon Classroom Crew Call in to listen live 818 739-8913, Press "1" to join the... more

Chris Christie held children in traffic, Woody Allen trafficked children. BAM! Allegedy! ~ R. Kelly ~ Michael Jackson ~ Do you believe Chris Christie didn't know what was going on? ~ Is this just the start of the 2016 Election and Christie... more

Funny to the Moon and The Pink Atheist LIVE - UNSCRIPTED STREAMING live from 5pm -10pm Easter 2pm - 7pm Pacific How to think critically about Conspiracy theories, Near Death Experience, Aliens, Religion, Spirituality,... more

Dennis Rodman ~ Places in America Dennis Rodman can't go ~ zero tolerance high school scandal ~ interracial gay sex ~ Why white guys are the best at oral sex ~ Back to Rodman ~ Black man says, "The only man I ever loved was a... more

If you believe there is somewhere else to go, we can't trust you to be fully righteous here. ~ Fear of a hell or devil is silly! ~ Plus Open Topics! NOON - 3pm Pacific 3pm - 6pm Eastern ~ Comedians Teina Manu, Travis Simmons and... more

Listen live 818 739 8913 ~ The fear of being single ~ Should you keep in contact with old lovers? ~ Should you bring an ex-lover around a new lover? ~ Losing weight and staying in shape while eating fast foood ~ High Fat Diet ~ We join... more