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TOPIC; "THIS SHIT IS REALLY GETTING OFF THE CHAIN"  The more i observe the everyday situations that are occuring threw out the world,the more i see us loosing ourselves,falling for the okie doke,or selling out to the system,alot of us have put aside our morals and commonsense just to be down,just to get in ,or just to be seen,and alot of these types of thinkers never truly weigh out there actions,until its to late,by then they done said something out there mouths that they cant retract,and now the wolves is out to getchu

Keeping it fake has become the new keeping it real, If you arent rolling with a specific crowd ,or your instgram aint got the numbers  that impress them,or if someone is offered a substantial amount of money to tell a lie,for quick ratings, or popularity Some of us have stooped so low as to slander and blastphemy the dead, This is were we have come,we support lies for ratings ,we ruin peoples legacys and tarnish them for a check,we sell out and support bullshit to get in,and we never ever feel any remorse,just as long as we are getting ours thats all that matters,,,this evening we gone be taken a look at people who need to ...STOP FAKING THE FUNK...WELCOME