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TOPIC: As we reflect on our present condition as a country,nation,and a Humanity,What can we say about ourselves??? honestly,What can Humanity really say about how we have lived our lives,What accomplishments have we made to benefit mankind,and what deeds will we take back with us on the day when we return back to the CREATOR,,,

The Day when u find out that the big boom theory was all a lie,and that there is a day of reckoning,and that all they told was lies and falsehoods,just to keep u controlled and coralled like cattle,,poisoning u and your children ya familys every one u ever loved was a victom of there wickedness ,,,,,in your food ,water,vaccinations what are u going to say when u find out you've been used and fooled and now its that day,that day that u thought would never be...

What have we done to gain any reward,What can we honestly stand up and be proud to say we as a race of humans have accomplished in this life that was beneficial and condusive to the planet and all the wonderful creations that share this world with us....Lets reflect and look at the SHAME ON YOU!!!