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TOPIC; This is the question we need to be asking ourselves,but evidently we arent.its crazy,and we as black americans have lived under the iron fist of white supremacy all our lives and we still havent been able to get that foot off our necks After all the in your face degradation and inhumaine acts committed against  black americans u would think by now we would have defeated this delema,i wouldve figured we would realized by now that,AINT NOBODY GONE DO A DAM THING FO BLACK FOLK IN AMERICA,,,better get up off ya ass and do it ya self

We have transgressed our boundaries far beyound there limits,We have become a people who have abused our FREE WILL and now we have lost our way,,,We now have disreguarded what was once pure,natural,and good,for something that is unatural, selfgratifying and ungodly.THE GOOD HAS BECOME THE BAD.RIGHT HAS BECOME WRONG,LIES HAVE BECOME TRUTHS....What are our limits? When will we see the madness we have created,and what MONSTER will be born from this insanity of man

The Elite have blatantly given u the finger over and over again,and we continue to eat off the scraps they leave behind,We have lost ourselves trying to be like them,doin the things they do,trying to follow and fit in...If the MAS'A approves it we do it...What a shameful creation we have become,indulging in acts that we know are immoral and uncivilized..But we find ways to justify our lust and greed, but our justifications have no merit nor logic so i ask u..."HOW FAR IS TO FAR,,,AND HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH???"