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TOPIC; Lets examine our situation closely,the madness that is occuring right in front of our faces,,,were is our true freedom? From what we eat ,were we live,what level of education we receive,what we watch on tv,our spiritual perspectives,our health coverage,down to whom we elect as our leaders...its all controlled..When we begin to understand that "FREEDOM AINT FREE",,,im beginning to look at my own people as "SLAVES TO THE SYSTEM" The more that is revealed to us the more we become stuck in our own sorrow.When will u wake up? i know, dont tell me, let me guest,,,WHEN ITS TO LATE !!!  Your food is processed,ya water polluted,ya air is chemtrailed out,ya information is controlled,ya education system is miseducating,ya laws keep you opprreseed, ya dying on the streets,your living in fear,ya sons now are being told is normal to feel and wanna be a woman and ya daughters are being told its normal to feel and want to be a man...WHATS NEXT...do we start targeting heterosexual people who just want to follow the natural coarse of life without all the extra corricular activity that many of us are attracted to,Do we ban them?do we out law them and all those who dont want to conform to  PAGANISM,DEVIL WORSHIP,EVIL RITUALS,BLOOD SACRIFICES,and all that other FOOLISHNESS that only condems ya soul. The more we continue to accept these mind games,the more we will continue to see THE STERILIZATION OF CIVILIZATION...WELCOME