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TOPIC; Alot of us say we want to know the truth,but do we really? Because the truth is right there in our faces...the problem is we are scared to look,WHY???"BECAUSE THE TRUTH HURTS" But sooner or later we are going to have to face the truth one way or another wheather its now or later .People of conciousness,intelligence.spirituality,leadership,strength.wisdom.commonsense,fearlessness and who are strong and determined you are the "ENEMYS OF THE STATE"

Those who conform,and convert to the system,are not a threat,thay are compliant and therefore reep the benefits for there selling out. But they to one day will be subjected to the same treachery of those they betrayed by those who they betrayed for. The signs are clear,change is coming,but we are not on the agenda to receive any of its benefits.Now that a portion of white America has showed is true colors,making "America Great again",does not include you and i,and why would it,,,after the defamation projected of the young black youths character and image threw out America,we can look forward to not see any opportunitys that could benefit us in this country besides,,,"LABORERS AND CONSUMERS".....and "BLACK FRIDAY" proves that

The image of the Black family has been exploited and exposed to the point were some blacks dont even want to be black any more because of the shame the world looks upon our culture as,Because of the images the system has feed to some people, about one people,

2017 is kicking down the door right around the corner,so stop sitting on ya hands and become in the knowing of the world u live in, and the people u live in it with.so be careful when asking for the truth,because it maybe something u just cant handle.