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TOPIC; America is slowly being exposed to its lies,corruption,and the injustices it has committed toward its people and to countries and people abroad.We have no idea of some of the inhumane evils they are plotting against us its own citizens.As we are disracted by the elections and the silly antics of Donald Trump,Some where else  in this upside down system we live in some mother is having sex with here own son under some new bullshit there tryna stir up called "GENETICAL SEXUAL ATTRACTION" can u belive this madness.While in another part of town a black man gets killed for his LOTTERY TICKET,,,, NIGGER SHIT!!! What is all this leading up to?....,"RE- ENSLAVEMENT"=[THE KING ALFRED PLAN, OR REX 84]

Alot of us think that it cant happen in America,We think that it is impossible,well little do we know its being done right under our noses and we have no idea of whats going on,Thousands of homeless people are comimg up missing threw the states. Where are they? What happen to them? They have now declared "HOMELESSNESS A CRIME"Many unfortunate men, women, and children are being secretly scooped up off the streets in the night by men driving in white vans with dark tinted windows with no identifying logos,and arrested and forced to choose between the FEMA CAMPS or INCARCERATION,then they are forced to be chipped.

Many sidewlaks are littered with abondoned carts and baggage that once belonged to a less fortunate person but who now has dissappeared,This is a brand new situation being put into effect as we speak,33 states have complied with this law including some parts of atl and nyc,question have you noticed the homeless have faded away in your community???/pay attention cause this is some shit u need to know about...WELCOME