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TOPIC;There has been some serious accusations made against one of HIP HOP's founding fathers.Over 40 years have pasted and recently several individuals have come forward with damaging allogations of pedifilic acts commited against them when they were minors by Africa Bambaataa aka Kevin Donavan founder of the mighty Zulu Nation.There has been shocking revelations of inappropriate sex acts and abuses perpetrated by the legendary HIP HOP icon that went on for years, This story made the cover of the Daily News creating a rollercoaster effect of emotions in the HOP HOP world and abroad,...Im literally fucked up behind this "BECAUSE FOR YEARS THERE HAS BEEN RUMORS OF THIS SORT CIRCULATING"

Ronald Savage out of the South Bronx,was the first to reveal the alleged acts committed on him when he was about 13-14 years old resulting in years of trauma and even attempted suicide,shortly afterward several other individuals have come forward with there experiences of pedifilic and homo-sexual activityies they were involved with the legend Africa Bambaataa.

This is upsetting,to hear these type of allogations against some one who has been a strong influencial figure of culture, peace, and positivity in the black and latino community,to have this type of backlash is not only bad for Africa Bambaataa but for the Black Community as a whole,if these accusations are true what does that say about the lack of safety we have for our children and the individuals we intrust them with

 If society protects these indiduals because of statis or popularity,fame or money,then what does that say about us,We gotta get to the truth of the matter,all his pretendings gotta  stop,Come on out the closet for petes sake,we want to know is Afica Bambaataa a "PEDIFILE"?????..WELCOME