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Kahuna Rockstar


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I am here to create my spiritual radio show to inspire everyone to live their most productive, happy, and fullfilling life. I live my life by spirit and belive it is the way to humanity's amazing future. The world of the mystic is the future. I still LOVE and embrace science for all that it does and I enjoy so many of the benefits of living in the physical world. My mission on this show and in life is to inspire the mystics, and spiritual healers as well as spiritual warriors. We are the key to the most amazing future! This human race may be a bit destructive thes days and that's fine. The mystics are waking up all over the place and coming out of the woodwork. I am being the strong person with the difinitive decisive voice to spread the word of radical change. Let's face it, we need radical change to get his society to it's powerful and beautiful future!!

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I feel the need to release so much spiritual energy!! Join in if you're feeling it!!!!

Right here in front of our eyes in 2009 we are seeing the mystics and metaphysical transforming from the underground to something on Network TV. The mystics used to be the outcasts and weirdos. We are coming to life all... more

Tonight we're going to explore empowering relationships, how to get the most out of life - we all rely on each other for so many things. Also the power of surrendering to love, and higher powers.

Being spiritual does not follow any specific rules. You are an individual while you are simultaenously whole with everyone and everything. There are no rules to how you act, what you say or do. Being spiritual is about being the MOST YOU... more

Going without a true topic tonight just the general theme of this show. WAKE UP mystics. WAKE UP dreamers. Know that you are born to live up to your best potential. Know that the things in between you and your dreams is static. Call in... more

I fell very inspired and impowered to put on a show tonight. Feel free to call in. Any topic. Anything spiritual, inspirational. Are you going for your dreams? Are you off track? Let' get there together. Call in if you feel it!! ALOHA!

At times it seems as thought everyone is judging you and trying to tell you what is wrong with you. Some are direct but most are broadcast and suggested. YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I'm using this show to call BULL on the negativity... more

Let's talk ANYTHING spiritual. If you need motivation or you have any stories to share JOIN IN on this spontaneous show