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Johnny Oxidene of California approaches the text of 1 Thessalonians from a contemporary time frame. He claims the same type of error perpetrated then is perpetrated today. He speaks of those who remain alive in Paul's day as though... more

Two weeks ago we began a study on Charle's Pogue's Bellview Lecture on Eschatology, namely, his treatement of John 5:28-29. He believes tthatt two resurrections separated in time by almost 2000 years and counting. He... more

Turning lose of old, cherished traditions is difficult; especially if those traditions have been the basis for ones standing with God. The battle between the covenants, which saw Paul stoned and left for dead in Lystra and which was... more

It is little wonder that brethren at the Bellview Lectures have difficulty with the resurrection. They have challenges with the establishment of the kingdom, believing it was all consummated in 30AD. Charles Pogue seems to have no... more

After he finished at Antioch with many disciples, but driven out of town by the unbelieving Jews, Paul continued into the interior of Asia Minor. Preaching along the way, he stopped first at Iconium, then Lystra and Derbe, before returning... more

Was the law fulfilled at the cross? This is the belief of many in the churches of Christ. In this study we will examine one of the key passages that address the concept of two laws in existence at one time. It is the view of Whitlock and... more

Paul's first sermon left these Jews of the Dispersion with choices: follow Jesus as Savior, or stay with Moses. The people pleaded to hear more; the leaders started hardening in jealousy. And the Gentiles were watching. Choices have... more

Welcome to another episode of Two Guys and A Bible presented by Fulfilled Radio, A Voice You Can Trust. Tonight we examine the teachings of Jess Whitlock on the Allegory of Galatians 4, which is the study of Abraham's two... more

In a Synagogue in Antioch of Pisidia (middle of Turkey) Paul was invited to present a word of exhortation. When he stood to do so, out of his mouth came a marvelous presentation of the Gospel of Jesus (God's good news to Israel). He... more

This week's broadcast continues the critique began last week for Doug Post and his concept of the resurrection from Judaism. The reasoning which some Ammillennialists use follows the same line of reasoning by Post. Mostly, it... more