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Two Guys and A Bible

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Who Is Mystery Babylon?, A Study of the Book of Revelation, explores the meaning of the mystery of God as taught in Revelation also called the Apocalypse showing  how it relates to Covenant Eschatology. Don K Preston, D. Div, and William Bell Jr., establish a pre-70 date for the book of prophecy that forms the last of the N.T. books.

In todays' broadcast, we demonstrate tips, strategies and how to interpret and understand the message in the light of its historical context and offer excellent exegetical information for Bible students who want to understand this important prophecy.

Revelation 10:7 and the Mystery of God

The Mystery of God would be completed accomplished according to the words of the Old Testament prophets.

However, Paul, the apostle stated that he was particularly commissioned to fulfill the mystery of God which means that from a historical time frame, Paul's individual and personal ministry as an apostle has a direct bearing on the fulfllment of the mystery.

This point is well developed in the broadcast.

Revelation 11 and Luke 21

In another example of the early dating evidence for Revelation, a correlation between Luke 21 and Revelation 11:1-2, is discussed. Commentators alike assign the book of Luke to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD.

This is a point acknowledged by Amillennialists, Postmillennialists and Dispensationalists alike. However the trodding down of Jerusalem, the only city in the Bible, and particularly the New Testament which is called the Holy City is trodden down for 42 months. That corresponds with Jerusalem of Luke 21:24.  Listen today.