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Those foolish, bewitched Galatians! As we saw in 3:1–14, they were substituting performance for grace, flesh for Spirit. Having begun in Jesus by the Spirit of grace, they were trying to perfect their walk by what they did in the flesh. Stupid! Perfect Law keeping is not possible. Trying is death. It leads to the Curse. On the other hand, Jesus bore the Curse; released all from it who are "of faith." This was the Promise. Remember the Promise! It came half a millennia before the Law. So, which should have preeminence? On the basis of which should relationship with God stand? Clearly, inheritance came because God promised it to Abraham. It was not earned or deserved because of focused compliance to the Law through Moses. So, why did God use angels to ordain the Law? What was its purpose? What were its limits? And, when it did its job, did it just "fade away?" We're eager to explore these. Won't you join us?
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