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One of the men chosen to meet the family's needs was Stephen. He was a good man, full of the Spirit and of wisdom. Unfortunately, those qualities got him into deep trouble with the law! False accusations and misrepresentations got him dragged to court in front of the Council (San Hedrin). "Are these things true?" they demanded. From there Stephen launched into a shared national history that proved two things: 1) Israel's leaders were always on the wrong side of following God, and 2) the physical presence of the tabernacle/temple had never kept Israel from abandoning God; and, it wasn't truly His "home." As his conclusion unfolds we watch men so enraged that they commit murder--Stephen's murder. We can only stand in awe of the conviction and love that permeated and dominated his heart.
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The trifecta—God's healing hand, the apostles' boldness of declaration and the disciples' loving generosity—resulted in an explosion of growth. As wonderful as this was, it also put a strain on the apostles in the form of caring for... more

Tonight, we will conclude our review of the presentation by Bruce Stutling. He spoke on Joel 2 and claimed that the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord foretold by Joel was in fact Pentecost! In addition, he claimed-- unbelievably - that the... more

After Peter showed the counsel that they were on the wrong side as God laid the foundation Stone for the new Temple, they threatened him and the others. "No more," they said; and commanded them to stop teaching about Jesus. Of... more

Peter and John were arrested for proclaiming resurrection in Jesus. They were held overnight in public jail; after which they were brought before Israel's highest ruling body.How would they answer? Would they be intimidated? Would... more

An examination of Covenant Eschatology in the light of Joel's prophecy as advanced by Bruce Stulting. He begins with a strawman attack by saying that fulfilled Bible prophecy destroys hope. As many times and as many people who... more

If Peter's Pentecost Sermon created a buzz, so did his message to the crowd after he healed the lame man. "Why are you amazed at this" healing? Peter said as he engaged them. This is what Jesus had been doing for the last... more

Our critique of the eschatology lectures at Bellview continue with studies from Danny Douglas. His lesson was Partial versus Full Preterism. We honestly have not much to critique in this lesson because the speaker didn't make any... more

Peter's Pentecost Sermon really created a buzz. "What shall we do?" echoed through the crowd as they responded from a pierced heart. The body of believers began to rapidly expand that day. 5000 received Peter's message and were... more

Last week covered some introductory points made on Daniel 713-14 relative to the Lecture delivered by Charles Pogue at the Bellview Lectures. Most of his argumentation focused on the "already" and misinformation relative to the... more