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If Peter's Pentecost Sermon created a buzz, so did his message to the crowd after he healed the lame man. "Why are you amazed at this" healing? Peter said as he engaged them. This is what Jesus had been doing for the last three years! But, now their eyes were opened to see it—and their were opened, too. They were ready in heart and mind to see their Christ for who and what He really was, and to begin to follow Him. This lame man suddenly and fully found perfect healing in Jesus. The gist of this monumental event: Jesus Christ is turning you back to God. Echoes of Hosea and Moses throb through the rest of Peter's exhortation. All of the prophets spoke of these days. God was restoring all things to Israel; but all who didn't follow Jesus (according to Moses) would be "cut off from among the people." "It's for you" he told the enthralled audience. This evoked another huge response to God's gracious call in Jesus. We'll extact the prophetic nuances from this narrative and we'll unravel some of the prior-to-preterism snarls that this passage presents. Be sure to join the discussion.
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Peter's Pentecost Sermon really created a buzz. "What shall we do?" echoed through the crowd as they responded from a pierced heart. The body of believers began to rapidly expand that day. 5000 received Peter's message and were... more

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While "waiting in Jerusalem," the 11 drew lots and the Lord chose Matthias to replace fallen Judas. He "took his place" with the others, bringing the apostleship back to its full number. The "Twelfth Man" was now officially one of them. They... more

Having noticed from the statements both Peter and Paul made—beginning and end of Acts—that Acts is about the restoration of Israel, we will continue by focusing on how the apostles prepared themselves—after... more

Join us for today's broadcast for a discussion of Romans 8, the redemption of the body and the adoption. Romans 8 is a pivotal chapter in the discussion of the resurrection and has some very important insights that involves the adoption.... more

We begin our investigation into Acts. Many "purposes" for Acts have been put forward—Spread of Christianity, Work of Holy Spirit, Paul's defense brief. All of these have merit, and certainly Acts does show all these things. But... more

The Book of Revelation offers prophetic and apocalyptic insights into the message of the end time. Many believe that because Pope Francis is the 8th Pope that he aligns with the mysteries of Revelation, and the Catholic church is... more