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Paul's first sermon left these Jews of the Dispersion with choices: follow Jesus as Savior, or stay with Moses. The people pleaded to hear more; the leaders started hardening in jealousy. And the Gentiles were watching. Choices have consequences. Staying with Moses meant facing the same "work in your days" that Habakkuk faced: Invasion by foreign forces and destruction of the temple. Folowing Jesus meant being rescued from it. There was plenty of excitement in the city that week. Even the Gentiles were getting a buzz.. "We are turning to the Geniles" was music to the ears of many. It was also a watershed event for Paul. His mission took on clarity: To the Jew first as well as to the Gentile! Join the conversation as we continue to follow Paul's epic journey.
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In a Synagogue in Antioch of Pisidia (middle of Turkey) Paul was invited to present a word of exhortation. When he stood to do so, out of his mouth came a marvelous presentation of the Gospel of Jesus (God's good news to Israel). He... more

This week's broadcast continues the critique began last week for Doug Post and his concept of the resurrection from Judaism. The reasoning which some Ammillennialists use follows the same line of reasoning by Post. Mostly, it... more

The scene is shifting: We move from Jerusalem to Antioch, we leave Peter and follow with Paul, we depart from the land of the Jews and enter the territory of the Gentiles. And so begins the evangelistic tours of Paul. From among five men... more

Tonight we engage in some of the most controversial points which involve the resurrection of the dead ones. The arguments center around the alleged dead body of Judaism. This discussion will address the time and nature fo the... more

Boldness of Jewish persecution of Christ has escalated to the point that murdering an apostle pleases them. James, John's brother, was first to be sacrificed for Jesus. Peter was slated for next. Then things got exciting: angels, visions,... more

Tonight we continue to review Gene Hill's Daniel 9 Presentation. We look at the 6 blessings and the 70 Weeks. The role of the temple and desolation of the sanctuary as the focal point of the prophecy fulfillment. Does Daniel see the end... more

Today we will fill in the gap left by most commentators on Daniel 9. Our study to will provide a clear analysis and breakdown of the weakness in Hill's exegesis showing why the a futurist view of Daniel 9 does not and cannot work. We'll... more

After baptizing Cornelius and all his, Peter returned to Jerusalem only to be accosted by the circumcised believers: "You ate with uncircumcised men." Their miss-directed thinking didn't yet see the beauty and significance of Peter's... more

Last week we began a review of Gene Hill's position on Daniel 9, showing where he divided the prophecy of Daniel into two separate time frames, one in 30AD and another in 70AD. Wouldn't that make Daniel's calculation be incorrect. If it's 70... more