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Stephen's murder was like punching a hole in a dam. The pent up rage of Israel's leaders and their fury at this new "movement" came out in a torrent, sweeping away lives and property. God's people suffered great loss: families were torn apart and survivors were scattered from home, property and loved ones. Let's look at the eternal good that God achieved with this scattering. The disciples went everywhere "preaching the word." Far from discouraging them, they couldn't contain themselves. They had to tell others. One of them, Philip, headed north into Samaria. His work there was so impressive that the apostles, Peter and John, followed him. They encountered Simon, a sorcerer. So will we. Meanwhile, Philip headed south again, beyond Jerusalem and engaged with a high court official from Ethiopia. He was a eunuch. Both stories are more than exciting; they demonstrate prophetic fulfillment. God was bringing His promises into reality in the gritty history of devoted disciples like you and me. In this case, his name was Philip.
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Tonight is a review of Johnny Oxendine, at the recent Bellview church of Christ lectureship. Oxendine taught on 2 Thessalonians 2, claiming that the Man of Sin was / is the Roman Catholic pope and that Satan is behind the teaching of... more

Today's broadcast is a continuation of our review of Dub McClish's Bellview Lectures presentation Daniel 12. On last week we began showing the time frame of Daniel 12 and the resurrection texts, along with... more

Stephen concluded his "defense" by accusing his accusers of: hard heartedness, closed ears and resisting the Holy Spirit. They were guilty of imitating their fathers. Just like the fathers had persecuted and killed the prophets (who promised... more

Daniel 12 is one of the key passages for the resurrection and from which almost every New Testament draws from as its source. Bellview also had Glenn Hitchcock to preach their in years past on a similar lectureship where he taught... more

One of the men chosen to meet the family's needs was Stephen. He was a good man, full of the Spirit and of wisdom. Unfortunately, those qualities got him into deep trouble with the law! False accusations and misrepresentations got him... more

What is the meaning of no marrying in the resurrection? Many believe that it precludes marriage today and is proof that we are not in the age of the resurrection, that it is a yet future event. Often it is used as an argument against... more

The trifecta—God's healing hand, the apostles' boldness of declaration and the disciples' loving generosity—resulted in an explosion of growth. As wonderful as this was, it also put a strain on the apostles in the form of caring for... more

Tonight, we will conclude our review of the presentation by Bruce Stutling. He spoke on Joel 2 and claimed that the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord foretold by Joel was in fact Pentecost! In addition, he claimed-- unbelievably - that the... more

After Peter showed the counsel that they were on the wrong side as God laid the foundation Stone for the new Temple, they threatened him and the others. "No more," they said; and commanded them to stop teaching about Jesus. Of... more