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Will there be a third temple rebuilt in Jerusalem to complete the end time? Are we living in the last days? Isaiah chapters 2-4 offer clues and the evidence we need to understand the events of the last days. The judgment of God was against those who oppressed and abused the poor. See how James describe this regime in Israel that destroyed the poor through fraud and destruction and how they would be held accountable by God.
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We continue our studies in Isaiah chapters 2-4 on the Messianic Temple which was established in the last days. Controversy exists over this explosive subject ranging from the identification of the last days, the rebuilding of a third temple, a... more

Many are under the impression and notion that the BIble prophesies a Messianic Temple to be built in Israel. They believe this will fulfilled the prophetic scriptures of the last days? They believe that the time for these events are upon... more

For the past several weeks, we have been discussing the Messianic Temple from the context of Isaiah chapters 2-4 and others. These chapters form the foundation and framework for the building of the house of God to which all the nations... more

The Messianic Temple found in Isaiah chapters 2-4 fulfills the Day of the Lord Messianic prophecies in Isaiah and also in the N.T. The Day of the Lord is the Second Coming of Christ. The Messianic temple does not allow for an... more

Join Don K Preston and William Bell for a continuation of studies on the Messianic Temple.

We continue to explore whether Donal Trump is the Antichrist, does the red heifer claimed to be discovered in Jerusalem have any biblical or eschatological significance and does the move of the capital in Palestine have anything to do... more

Construction began on the last days temple beginning with the death of Christ. Jesus said destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. He spoke of the temple of his body, not his physical body but the spiritual body of Christ, i.e. the... more

A continuation of the study of the Messianic Temple in the last days. Christ promised to build his church, the house of God not made with hands. The Apostles, Peter, Paul and John, all spoke of the new tabernacle as already... more

The Messianic Temple continues to be a challenge to many believers and others in the world today. Some are convinced that a new temple will be built in the city of Jerusalem as a a sign of the fulfillment of end times prophecy. However,... more