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Having noticed from the statements both Peter and Paul made—beginning and end of Acts—that Acts is about the restoration of Israel, we will continue by focusing on how the apostles prepared themselves—after Jesus' departure—to carry on His mission. Once Jesus ascended into the heavens, they returned to Jerusalem. There they began with fervent, continual prayer and climaxed in replacing their fallen, disgraced companion with a new "twelfth man," Matthias. Apparent contradictions regarding Judas' demise will be resolved. The purpose and qualifiactions of apostleship will be established. The nature and heart of a prayer-hearing God will be displayed. And, consistent with the overall intent of God, the quality of life God has called us into in Jesus will be laid out. Chapter 1 begins with the apostles' final preparations before they began their work. They had to complete the apostleship. They had to find their "Twelfth Man!" Without chapter 1 there could be no readiness for the awesome, world-changing events of chapter 2!
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We begin our investigation into Acts. Many "purposes" for Acts have been put forward—Spread of Christianity, Work of Holy Spirit, Paul's defense brief. All of these have merit, and certainly Acts does show all these things. But... more

The Book of Revelation offers prophetic and apocalyptic insights into the message of the end time. Many believe that because Pope Francis is the 8th Pope that he aligns with the mysteries of Revelation, and the Catholic church is... more

Late on the Sabbath it began to dawn toward the first day of the week. Women came to Jesus' tomb to finalize His burial. But, He wasn't there! In Matthew 28 we meet a host of intriguing characters: women, angels, guards, Jesus, chief... more

Today we present the second part of our critique of Joel McDurmon and Iaiah 65 on the New Heavens and new earth. We examine Isaiah 65 to determine whether it is to be understood in apocalyptic language or by using a literal... more

In a effort to appease the angry mob, Pilate offered to release one of two men, hoping they would choose Jesus. Instead, they shouted for Barrabas. "What shall I do with Jesus?" Pilate asked. "Away, away; crucify Him" they chanted.... more

Then Comes the End 1 Corinthains 15:24 Of what end does the apostle speak? Is it the end of time believed by many? Is it the time Christ gives up his kingom to surrender his reign. Again, many believe this is the teaching of the verse. In our... more

When Judas realized that Jesus didn't escape this time he was filled with regret and took his own life. Meanwhile, Jesus stood on trial for His. In a effort to appease the angry mob, Pilate offered to release one of two men, hoping they... more

Today, we will examine and article post by Joel McDurmon, and his dominion theology on the new heavens and earth of Isaiah 65:17-25. Joel's dominionist views are closely akin to premillennial dispensationanlist views of the kingdom... more

Jesus' last day, filled with world-changing events, thrust His apostles into actions they could not have imagined. In fact, most dared to tell Jesus He was wrong about them! Judas bargained to sell Him out for money and Peter swore that he... more