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Paul left Athens, seemingly unsuccesful there. He next arrived at Corinth, the bawdy underbelly of the Mediterranean. "Blue collar," "red neck" and "lusty" might well describe this city. So decadent was Corinth that any young girl... more

In tonight's review of Doug Post's lecture at the Bellview Church of Christ's attempts to refute Covenant Eschatology, we have more trouble for these troubled lectures. Doug Post gives up the farm on the Dating of Revelation and the... more

After Thessalonica, Paul travelled to Berea and then to Athens. Three cities; amazing contrasts! Thessalonica—intractable defense of tradition Berea—irrepressible thirst for truth Athens—irrelevant hunger for... more

Tonight we continue the critique of Johnny Oxendine's lecture on the resurrection of the dead from 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. We address the chapter in its historical setting. We provide a comparative exegesis (interpretation) of the text... more

A closely targeted earthquake shook Paul's chains loose; along with all the other Philippian prisoners. What's a good Roman jailer expected to do in cases like this: Asleep at midnight and every cell door suddenly opened, every shackle... more

We continue the study of the resurrection in 1 Thessalonians 4, critiquing Johnny Oxendine's presentation at the Bellview Lectures. Our study includes a comparison of the text and language of Matthew 24. The time statements and... more

Paul had chosen Silas. Together they would return to the cities of his first tour in Asia (Minor). Along the way he intended to oick up Timothy as his servant/trainee. And so began his protracted venture into the realm of the Gentiles. He was... more

Join us for the continuation of our review of Johnny Oxendine's Bellview Church of Christ Lecture on the resurrection of the dead. We'll examine the context and the correlations between Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Both text contain the... more

Peter; Paul & Barnabas; James—Each weigh in on the historic Joy of Gentile Conversion. It is no less than God keeping His promises to bring salvation to the ends of the earth...because the House of David had been restored!... more