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A priest has two functions: 1) Represent God to the people; and 2) offer gifts and sacrifices to God for the people. What "qualifies" anyone to assume these functions? Was Jesus so qualified? Is He the High Priest any Jew should... more

On July 14-15, at this years Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, a live public oral debate was conducted between Don K Preston, of the Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, Oklahoma and David Hester, adjunct professor of Faulkner University... more

Wright believes that we should encourage artists and musicians, etc to use right brain techniques to make the existing world beautiful so that it is a reflection of the new world that God would build. In Isaiah 11, the earth shall be filled with the... more

Unbelief, hardness of heart, rebellion, reluctance: Why do people resist the good God tries to bring into their lives? God spoke through Moses—words of promise and glory (it was called the "Promised Land"). Those words, as... more

On last week we began a study of the New Covenant. Jeremiah and Ezekiel both spoke of a New Covenant that God wouuld make with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. Duriing the time of the New Covenant, God would raise... more

Take another look at Jesus! He is not only superior to angels (1). And though He "stooped to conquer," becoming somewhat lower than angels as a human, yet He is crowned with glory and honor and thus able to lead many sons to glory (2).... more

Join us for the study of the Creation in Romans 8 and Critique of N.T. Wright and a discussion of the New Covenant.

There was a world about to emerge when HW wrote this chapter; but angels--that is, the covenant they delivered--were not going to "run" it. This new world had One who subjected all things on man's behalf: He who was made for a little... more

God does someting new, in and for his people, regarding the Joyful return of the exiles, Jer. 31:13, 15. The return of Israel from the temple, where the people would be sown as a crop. Then we have the new covenant with the house of... more