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Jef Harvey Professional Healer and Naturalpath Techniques!

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As a child Jef was born with more than his share of nerve endings and during sleep he often would be able to invite someone in to the dream state to play softball and when they would awake, discuss the game in detail. This when proven to his mother caused a rather unique response. Many other things like this would happen as he developed. At the age of 8 years old his mother was in the local hospital in labor with Jef's younger brother and since his dad was not the type to participate in the birthing event, he took Jef fishing at the nearby river. Jef looked up just as a craft was passing overhead. It was 100-200 yards away and just above the tree line. The craft could not be described as anything other than a saucer shaped craft with a dome on top and a ring of lights around the lower edge. It was emitting smoke from the rear and appeared to be flying rather slowly. As it passed across his field of vision from right to left his father quipped "it must be burning that cheap fuel". It was a funny remark and rather odd Jef thought considering this was the most amazing event he had experienced in his short life thus far. Over the years he replayed the scene over and over in his mind thinking he never wanted to forget it. Several years later, his father taught him various mind over matter as well as other techniques which further developed his mind to be able to control his physiology in practical yet elegant ways. One of which he was taught at a very early age was a technique where the body is sequentially locked muscle by muscle into a stiffened state from toe to head and the mind brought into a state where it is perfectly relaxed and the body is so rigid that it can be placed between two chairs (one at the neck and one at the heels) like a board for more than an hour. The level of meditation and detached focus being the key to the relaxed state. http://www.jeftech.net/Jef_s_Bio.html http://www.jeftech.net/Detox.html