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New and Fresh! Approaching the subjects of Five Dimensional subjects, increasing knowledge within the world we live, and solutions to the problems that are presented to us.

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Tonight is a special night for listeners. You can call in and ask Ray questions that you have been wanting to know. The phone lines will be open so call in early! 646-649-0866 Special note: is now open to VIP Members. Here... more

Richard is a great friend of Ray's. He has set us up because Richard knows about Big Foot, Fairies, and has missing time. He also has a maga data of UFO's and other mysteries we all want to learn about. Come and join us.

Surprise Guest! Catch her information on, under star speaks. You will see her website and some great videos.

For more information please check, Star Speaks has a download menu provided with Barry's information.

He tells his story in detail from his experiences with UFOs, to otherworldly beings, to finding out who he really is and why these things are happening to him, along with many other people from all walks of life all over the world. In this... more

Ray has been hearing lots of new ET languages. We are going to attempt to get it recorded so everyone else can hear as well. If not, then we will just keep trying to make more videos and recordings so everyone can hear George and his... more

Tonight its the UFO Investigator, movie maker, docmentary expert for Star People and contact. Where the show will go, no one knows. Well, I guess our future selves know. Come join us and Let's see what Wisdom Joe wishes to share... more

Ray just had his meeting with the Fav 4!

Ray is back with more information from his most recent engagement with the Bird People. We will see how his bird seed offering went for them. ?????? Mary catch us up on what she is seeing and larning about our reality. Plus, so... more

Robert Morningstar has offered so much in research about the JFK murder and how it is all linked to the Dark Cabal Elites that have plagued humanity with death, extortion, threats, stealing, false information and the list goes on and more
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