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"Freedom" Freedom is being debrt free, Freedom is being an entrepreneurship, Freedom is what the founding forefathers wanted and gave their lives fror. The first thing we are going to talk about is freedom is being debrt free as our... more

Everyone in the whole wide world knows that North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong-un hates Sony Pictires, and movies. If you remember the last episode I pointed out that he did commit an act of war, by hiring or forceing hackers to hack into... more

Let us put it in a nut shell. Everyone around the world knows that the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un is a terriorist, and should handled like a terriorist that he is. In truth Sony Pictures movie has proven that Kim Jong-un acts like a... more

As we can see that the North Korean is acting as if he is being told just what to do, and from the very same source as Emprire Obama is. Lets us talk about the North Korean just a little bit in this episode. Yes we can compare the North... more

It is true that Emprire Obama is demanding that everyone that is not a manger is to be forced to work overtime and everyone is to work not just 40 hours perweek, but 45. Now that is interesting that an Emprire by the name of Obama is... more

The United States of America does not have a President any more. As of 2008 election Emprore Obama became the ruler to the United States of America. The Liberals and democrats wanted a emprire and now they got one. There is no... more

The Liberals and democrats are to blame for Obama doing the very stupid this that he does and say. According to U.S. Const. art. II President Obama has over steped he executive branch of Governemnt and has declared hisself as the king... more

Yes I gave you a very clear warning about Obamacare and why President Obama has demand and mandated you to sign on and get Obamacare. Peopel listen demand and mandate are words used by communist, and to make a law like... more

Now that the Midterms are over have you noted that President Obama has decided to make a trip to a nation whereby he would be reconfortable at? In truth that would be a very interesting question, but in truth he should feel right... more

Everyone happens to know that those that are political candidates must teel the truth no matter what the problem is, for must have an answer for everything. Intergrety is the onlt friend a political candiadte does have, but why is Liberal... more