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Part 3 Freedom

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Lets Talk Politics wXTerry Virgil

Lets Talk Politics wXTerry Virgil


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                                              Part 3 Freedom

Freedom is what our fonding father wanted when they first setup the governemnt of the Unided States of America.

In truth when one does explore our founding fathers and their idea to just freedom is and it should mean. today's liberal and democrat just hate the ideas that come from our founding fathers to the United States of America. Liberals and democrats all hate freedom to start with, for they and everyone of them happen to agree with Karl Marks and his idea from his book "Communist Manafesto"

true freedom come with the idea of a Republic whereby the people rule, and that means the liberal would also hate this idea of having a republic type of governemnt.

John Adams the true founder of freedom and liberty to the United States of America got it right where it came to a republic is the only type of governemtn when it comes to freedom and liberty.

in 1773 those who dumped the tea into Boston Habor had the right idea when it cam to civil disobeince to fight for one's freedom.

Peopel read your history and not the history that the liberals and democrats would want to to read, for they love to lie and disort the true look at just how Empire Obama lies and disort the truth.  

Libertarians have it right, and best idea when it comes to just what true freedom is to be all about and lberty too.