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I did warn you in the past the ISIS is here and is ready to stirke. Now that ISIS has showen up in Canada, and has already attack in Canada. Why didn't you listen? Well that answer is very simpleto tell you why you ddi not want to listen. Liberals, and the Democrats are telling you another thing that is not true. Think about it President Obama is a liberal and a democrat. I need not to say any more, but this one and only fact. President Obama hates all freedom and liberty, for he did say it in 2009 that we can take America by evlovlution v. revolution. the direct words and sign of a liberal that hates both freedom and liberty at the same time. Time out these are words and ideas that come from the book by Karl Marx "Communist Manafesto" Here is one fact that the Muslims say the samething and ISIS is the whole Muslim Church and does repersent all Muslims that are to be found on earth. Therefore what President Obama and the muslim (ISIS) have the same ideas as Karl Marx did when he wrote his book "Communist Manafesto", plus the fact all liberals and democracts follow and agree with President Obama. President Obama does not like freedom and liberty. ISIS does not like freedom and liberty. Yes we know that President Obama has very good harmonics. say that so did Hitler have good harmonimcs. Harmonics means to beable to speak well, and to go as far as to lie like a Musilm would and should. Wisconsin has a person that is the same as President Obama and her name is Mary Burke. Okay what does that all have to do with ISIS in Canada and why ISIS has attacked Canada's government? answer is simple Canada is a Socialist nation and did willfully allow ISIS to take up residency in Canada. By the way Mexico has done the very same thing. Are you ready to defend yourself in these States? Wisconsin, Michigan,and the northen boarder States the fact is the

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Freedom/Liberty Freedom is debt free Freedom is Entrepreneurship Freedom is what the fonding forefather said and did Freedom / liberty is not being a liberal Freedom is not being a Democrat Freedom is not being a Republican God gave... more

Most americans are just plain sick of talking about politcs. Now why is that, well the answer is very simple. It has to deal with the one that are behind the scenes with the political candidates themsevles. Okay take Wisconsin's... more

After reviewing the candidates for Wisconsin's Attorney General it would very clear that the liberal democrat Susan Happ would be the worst person for the job. Her idea is not to defend all the laws in the State of Wisconsin, but just what... more

Whyis Ebola a threatt o the United States and let also talk about other things as well today. Here is why Ebola is a threat to the United States. President Obama wants to leave the boarders open to illrgal immigrents.

Do you remember when I said ISIS the very Muslim threat or are like the KKK? Well yes they are like Hitler, the Communist party or even like the liberals or even the democrats are like. To go outside of the faith of the Muslim church... more

Mary Burke don't know what Plagiarism is Dictionay.com (Plagiarism) "plagiarist, literary thief" Literary theft. Plagiarism occurs when a writer duplicates another writer's language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own. the act of... more

What is Freedom and Liberty? This would be a very nice question to ask, for you cannot have liberty without freedom. Well to define freedom we would have to say means to be debt free. The second is to have Entrepreneurs. Thirdly freedom is... more

Seeing that President Obama does not know how to return a Military Salute in any proper manor by saluting with a coffee cup is very disgraceful and shows that he has no respect to any and all Veterans. We can even as this about all Liberals,... more

Liberal Democratic Candidate Mary Burke wants to expand "Obamacare" here in the States of Wisconsin. Okay yes it is nice to see everyone have insurance and I have no trouble with that idea, but as soon as the Government steps in and tell... more

As we are talking ISIS is coming across the southern boarder of the United States of America. Yes now that President Obama has said that well not in all these words that we the united States of America must care for those that cross our... more