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Lets Talk Politics wXTerry Virgil

Let's Talk Politics w/Terry Virgil


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Terry Virgil is a Libertarian Member

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Hello, I am thinking about running for either Governor of the State of Wisconsin or United States Senator for the State of Wisconsin in 2016 against U.S. Senator Tammmy Baldwin. It is time to remove all liberals, Democrats and Republicans... more

A leader should have just one thing call integerity. A leadr should have goodness. A leader should be hummble and have hummilty. A leader should have AGAPE, and PHILEO in them. A leader should have the Truth in them and to be able to... more

There is a lot of truth that all public school teachers do hate school choice, for they hate the fact that they many not have a job. I have been told that every child in the United States of America does belone to the government by all public... more

This very question can be answered this way and is the only true fact. Seeing that all liberals, democrats, and now republicans are making laws, mandates, having mandatory, force, requirement,ect... as the very way we the United States of... more

Thankfully there are some republicans that finely understand that there is no need for any Patriot Act all, for we happen to have a U.S.Const. amed.II that is the true Partrict Act. Amendment II "A well regulated militia, being necessary... more

The Pope Now the Pope must rewrite the Bible, because of the fact that Irland is now in disagreement with God and what is written in the Bible that do and it does concern same-sex marriage, homosexuality, crossdressing, and every immoral... more

Obama is the reason why the United States of America is looing the war against ISIS. As we can see pictures of Obama in the news and it is when he said this about ISIS and when the question about the war we have against ISIS Obama... more

As we can see Obama is still undecided with what to do when it comes to ISIS. In truth Obama is stalling because he does want to see the United States of America attacked by his Muslim group or part of his Muslim group named ISIS.... more

It is very clear that Obama is now telling America just what we can eaqt and cannot eat. Empire Obama says every American will not have any choice to just what Americans can and cannot eat. Okay to some of you that is no big deal but... more

As all in the United States of American well that in the past two years the police in the United States of America do need to have riot gear, but Obama would like to see the police wear less riot or military gear at all. Just what doesw this... more