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Lets Talk Politics wXTerry Virgil

Let's Talk Politics w/Terry Virgil


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Terry Virgil is a Libertarian Member

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Liberals and democrates hate freedom, Liberals and democrats hate Liberty, all liberals and democratsd lover muder, slavery, are thevies, and haters of life. Well enogh is enoth for it is time to say good by to all liberals and demcrats, for now... more

Obama has given the green light for Iran to have nukeral weapons and to supply the enimies to the United States of America to now attack the United States at will. Like it says in the Quran (3:151) "Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts... more

Why is Obama listening to a cuban dicator and agreeing with the Cuban Dictator? Good question to be asked, for as we can see that Obama is doing just what the Cuban dictator wants by say he should bypass congress. when... more

As most know that this is not a histoicl even, for now as we have seen it this is just the 1962 Missile crise all over again but with a twist. the twist being is this that if you happen to recall history it was first castro who wanted help by the... more

After reviewing the liberal news media one could see how the liberals and democrat love to cheat when it comes to the education of our public school children. This the proof , facts and truth that common core standard which is a... more

Everyone in there right mind known that Obama is trying to arm the biggest enemy to the United Stes of America with a nuclar weapon. that enemy is Iran. Note that Iran is a threat to the free world and to those who are christians, and... more

As we can read in the news that there are any problems that all liberals and democrats just hate the most. We are going to talk about them and I hope we can hear from any liberal or yet a democrat and ask them why they hate all... more

Now this is what empire Obama has said that he wanted to have every america do "President Barack Obama suggested making voting mandatory" You can see that Obama is now saying that he is a dictator by making the news article that I... more

Just ask Obama, Harry Riead, the vice- President, United States Senator from Wisconsin Baldwin this very question and the y would as no, but here is a fact that they do not like and the truth is what they do not understand, for the truth... more

Racism and just what is it? Hate is human nature for every human being does have some fome of hate and racism in them and there is no exception to that like it or not this means you as well.