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Terry Virgil is the Libertarian Candidate running for the Wisconsin State Assembly 33rd District. "Let's Talk Politics" that are important to your future.

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As we are talking ISIS is coming across the southern boarder of the United States of America. Yes now that President Obama has said that well not in all these words that we the united States of America must care for those that cross our... more

Mary Burke and the rest of the liberals, democrats, even state they want to have everyone pay higher taxes well the poor and middle class pay the higher taxes and have all the jobs in the State of Wisconsin outsourced to not just... more

The Apple Watch and Iphone 6 is the worst thing for America As we are hearing this we can see that the Apple company is helpping the Liberals(democrats) spy on you and everyone else. Yes this is another step to Communism... more

Time to regain Liberty and Freedom As many or all should know that this is an election year. Most believe that there are only two choices to make. Well people that is communism or socialism at its finest. The communism is the liberals... more

Let us compare the ISIS to the KKK and other hate groups [9:2] So go about in the land for four months, and know that you cannot frustrate the plan of Allah and that Allah will humiliate the disbelievers. [9:2] ?? ??? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???... more

It ids true that President Obam is not a leader and he is just a pretender leader.

This is the real proof where by seeing President Obama has no leadership skills and no integrity to lead the United States of America. The fact the President Obama has said that he has no salutation to just what to do means this that... more

Just what is social justice? To answer this question everyone would have to look at the Communist Party, for Social Justice are word that are used by liberals the (Democrats) and all left wing groups like the ACLU, and those groups that... more

Mary Burke has indicated the she will not enforce the law as Governor. Mary Burke as staed that she is against Wis. Const. amend. art. XIII, § 13 and also hates Wis.Stat. 108.04(7) (s) 1(b). this would mean that Mary Burke loves to... more

Protection of Traditional Marriage as Between One Man and One Woman In 2006, the State of Wisconsin banned same-sex marriages and all same-sex civil unionsin an Amendment to the State's Constitution. This constitutional provision... more