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    Girl Talk

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    ** LET'S TALK"

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    Just Practicing How to Use BlogTalk Radio...

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    Learn How to Use This Website

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    12 vs 27

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    True friendships are rare.
    Friends that become brothers are even more rare
    How did two young men meet in college on a football field and become brothers?
    Two young men who grew up just 9 miles apart for more than 13 yrs but didn’t know each other until they met at South Carolina State University.
    Listen to their story as they talk about various topics spanning from…attending South Carolina State, football, being a student athlete, music, life, and various topics.
    Be prepared to be entertained and be prepared to laugh as they share stories that will crack you up.
    Check out the 12 Radio Show tonight!!
    9pm-11pm EST
    Co-hosted by SloMoetion

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    Taking the next step...again and again and again

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    Episode 2 with "Keep Punching" I speak about what Miami did for me and what is next with boxing. As I was packing and loading my cars I stood there and stared at my back seat with all the boxing gear I now have compared to when I first arrived in Miami. Tune in. 

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    Emotional immaturity

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    Everyone wants happy and fulfilling relationships. One of the things that prevent us from having them is emotinal immaturity. Emotionally immature people can be extremely challenging to deal with, because their ability to interpret and react to the variety of life's challenges is often impaired. If you are in a relationship with someone that is emotionally immature you probably face great challenges in dealing with their moods and behaviors. They tend to try to control their world and those around them. We'll talk about the signs of emotional immaturity. What it's rooted in? And perhaps we can help each other change and grow. 

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    Friendship Corner

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    We will be exploring the intricacies of all different types of friendship including cross-sex friends, friends with benefits and beyond..

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    Friendship Corner

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    we will talk about the intricacies of all types of friendships including best friends, same sex friends, and beyond