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The Majority United

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I make no bones about how I feel about our Constitution and our Freedoms or about how they are being used against us. I don’t think our founders had this in mind. I don’t know if the post below regarding how Australia is handling a Muslim/Sharia insurgence is another false report about what is going on in Australia, I only know it is exactly what should be going on right here in America. These are the things we should be saying to anyone who tries to subvert our beliefs with their own and who tries to use our own laws to take us over only to them wipe out our laws to replace them with their own! Don’t count on it!

I don’t mix religion with Law and I don’t have much respect for organized Religion anymore than I do for organized political parties because powerful interests pervert them to their own selfish means but there is no denying this is a Christian nation and our founders depended on a Biblical foundation and principles to build upon and I will die defending it! Any American worth their salt will do the same. I have about swallowed all the progressive garbage I can tolerate. What started out to be tolerable and common sense now had come to be extreme foolishness. What appeared to be handing out a bit of kindness, sympathy or help to the needy ended up stripping Americans of every incentive to help themselves.

Freedom and Accountability? The difference between the two sides is this! One side wants Freedom from Accountability and the other wants Freedom to believe in Accountability!

IMAGINE if we all joined forces-- and put our talents and energies together. IMAGINE what we can accomplish collectively? I IMAGINE it every day. All for one and one for all. Not one of us should fall not one, not one! The Majority United! The time is now! Yes – this is our vision – it has never been done on this scale – 52% - but we can do it!!.