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The Majority United

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BettyJean speaks with Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. about the problem on the Mexican border and how it affects women and trafficking for sex and labor.

It is ironic that one thing the federal government is charged to do by our constitution (defend the borders) is something they don't care to do while they take on many things not allowed to them. However, I lay this mess on both parties. The republicans didn't want to offend business and the dems don't want to offend a voter block (indeed they want to grow it) so both are at fault. If we are to be a country of laws then we have to enforce those laws not just when convenient politically. The people of America understand this but the politicians in Washington don't.

Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. describes himself as a Constitutional Pro-Life Libertarian who believes strongly in constitutional restraints on government. Robert has written and published six articles on the well known "American Thinker" website but pays the bills as a Senior Java Software Engineer. Robert lived for six years in Germany, experiencing European socialism and socialized health care and learning why America is a special place. In Germany Robert met his wife who is from Bosnia and is now a legal immigrant to the USA.

A Tea Party patriot, he is devoutly patriotic to the Constitution and considers it the best document ever written. It was a brief moment of clarity in the world where the constitution of a country was written not primarily by career politicians but by regular business men, farmer and merchants. Such an even had never been seen before and has not been seen since. He says" I am an advocate of a color-blind, race-blind society devoid of quotas or laws discriminating against anyone. In fact such a principle was set out in the first paragraph of our declaration of independence."