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The Majority United

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BettyJean speaks with Will Bower founder of PUMA (people United means Action) about the so called changes proposed by the DNC, specifically the Caucus Fraud of 2008.

Will Bower attended several meetings with the Democrats who were made aware of thousands of complaints during the 2008 primaries and vowed to correct the problems. Tonight Will Bower will join us for the first half hour to share what he learned about the sincerity of the Democratic party to fix what they know is wrong!!.

BettyJean opens the lines to RIDs ready to march on DC to demand changes we need to ensure we never again have our votes abrogated by either party.

Tonight we will debate why SOME democrats who obviously were screwed by their party steadfastly refuse to join with other Patriots in the Tea party movement! I contend it is not a Republican movement BUT it certainly will be if we the RIDs stay away from it! The Tea Party is chuck full of Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Indians, straight, Gay .-- American Citizens all. We don't have to agree on every issue, we just have to agree that our politicians are corrupt and they lie to us . Incumbents have to go!

Sure there are some loose cannons in every group-- but the Tea Party People on the whole are not your enemies-- they are your fellow Americans. Your enemies are the career politicians that have abrogated your votes and have lied to you over and over again. Instead of making the citizens your enemies - lets unite and take on the real enemies.

Let's stop bashing each other and at least talk about this!

This is Our vision. Not one of us can do it all yet all of it needs done so IMAGINE if we all joined forces-- and put our talents and energies together. IMAGINE what we can accomplish collectively? All for one, one for all. The Majority United!