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To Russia With Love By Author Timothy Spearman

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To Russia With LoveTo Russia With Love

I am writing a novel called "To Russia With Love" with the Tsar's sister Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna as the main protagonist. She was evacuated and sent to Holland and then to Canada after the Nazis took over. In the novel, it is revealed that Rasputin was a Jesuit agent. It is also revealed late in the novel that the Royal House of Russia survived. Based on the likenesses of the people featured in this link, there is a growing body of evidence that Tsar Nicholas II's immediate Royal Family survived:


In the book "The File of the Tsar" by Anthony Summers and Tom Mangold, there is ample evidence to show that the main historical document submitted by the Sokolov Commission is far from academically and scholastically sound, lacking in objectivity and clearly agenda driven to confirm its own thesis that the Romanov family remains had been recovered Ekaterinburg. The corpus delecti evidence is flimsy at best. For instance, the amount of bone mass recovered supposedly after the corpses had been burnt and subjected to sulfuric acid was minimal and barely sufficient to account for one corpse let alone all the Romanov family members, the Tsar, Tsarina, and children Alexei, Maria, Tatania and Alexandra and the servants. The finger of the Tsarina is recovered intact with the flesh still on it even though the grizzly find was found several months after the alleged killing. Please watch the short documentary at the links below in advance of the Two Peas in a Podcast radio show on the subject with Andy Peacher and Timothy Spearman.





THE FILE ON THE TSAR - PART II (Summers and Mangold)