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Freedom Talk Radio / Saline Entertainment Television is dedicated to bringing you the news, opinions and the truth that you will not get from other sources. Join us for each of our shows throughout the week as we pull back the vernier of disinformation and expose the truth. Read our commentaries and articles for the unvarnished version of the real world that the powers that be do not want you to see, hear and read. Listen to our hosts on Blogtalk radio and our Spreaker channel daily. Our topics and guests include actors, musicians, former government officials, whistleblowers and activists. Each of our shows takes time to produce, research and assemble so that we can bring you the most factual, researched and entertaining shows we possibly can.

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The Knights Of Liberty Show with Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher Live every Saturday 12 pm ET 5pm UK Time. Human Beings on the Planet no longer have true journalistic reporting which we can rely upon and trust. We are in serious times requiring serious action. The Knights of Liberty Show on the Freedom Talk Radio Network is a grassroot movement in pursuit of truth and the education of our fellow Humans of the dangers facing them. Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Equality. The Knights of Liberty Show Provides diverse show topics that cover many things from health and nutrition, survival techniques in case of local, state-wide and/or national events and/or disasters, politics and activism for Human Rights and much more. We are an interactive network that cares deeply for our audience, the listeners, and the Rights, Freedoms and Liberties of all People regardless of race, creed, religion, handicap, sexual orientation or political beliefs.
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yhai portier is a Pop singer/songwriter with aspirations to act as well as write screenplays.She began at a young age singing,writing and performing.Her passion for music runs far beyond just POP,she loves all genres and plans to... more

Tune in to the Truth Police for a refreshing brand of truth from the spiritual side with Christine. She is a phenomenally gracious lady and can tune into your vibration and tell you what's going on in your life. Since this is the Truth Police... more

The Knights Of Liberty Show with Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher more

Basement Alchemy 2D MusiQ- a.k.a Tudi, is a young man pursuing his music ambition with the help of... more

The Golightly Marshall Hour on The Freedom Talk Radio Network Show 1 The Christ is back announced by Pope Benedict XVI on March 12th 2013. "If that were so, they would tell us" is the usual response from those stuck in the matrix... more

The Place for Bands Artists singers solo groups anything music any thing music news indie new acts Live every Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm est 11 am pst and 7pm uk time with Artists... more

The Truth Police Live Mondays at 12pm eastern and 5pm in the uk with hosts Andy Peacher in Grimsby and Timothy Spearman in Toronto. We aim to find and shame the corrupt people in this world. If you see a news story that you think is... more

The Knights Of Liberty Show with Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher more

CatsMelvin is an ever changing musical project of lyricist Michael Amend. CatsMelvin continues to record and tour with various musicians. Working on numerous musical projects at the same time in different musical styles.... more
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