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Freedomizer Radio is a ground-breaking, unique network. Anything & everything against the New World Order is discussed here. No constant Republican-Democrat fighting. Just the REAL news the Lamestream does not want you to know about! Come listen to Freedomizer before the Fit hits the SHANN! STARTING OCTOBER 3RD, OUR BTR CHAT ROOM WILL BE CLOSED. OUR CHAT ROOM WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE, LISTEN LIVE & CHAT ALL ON ONE PAGE! PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR FREEDOMIZERADIO.COM WEBSITE!

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Suppport our network by joining us to listen and chat at TBD CthePower in YOU Topics for better health, mentally and physically. Find your voice; find your strengths, find your truth; change your mind if need be.... more
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In the first two hours join The Conspiracy Theorist on The Soft Kill Weapon, and don't forget to adjust your tin foil hat. In the third hour it's The Rude Awakening with Knucklebones a.k.a. Larry.

For the first 2 hours, ABC shares his viewpoints and brings hard hitting news. In the 3rd hour it's the Freedomizer Radio Roundtable, any topics are on the table. Listener participation is encouraged. Show hosts and guests will vary

For 2 hours we are joined by StormCloudsGathering, a unique perspective in fighting the New World Order. Hour 3 Rude Awakening

Picking up.

Join us in the first hour for our weekly Sabbath service...So we may walk in Grace. Hosted this week by Minister Grok: topics include the end times, Bible prophecy, charity and Salvation. In the next two hours it's Val Valano, today's... more

Welcome to BlogtalkRadio's LARGEST Branded Show! The first Saturday hour will be the PEDOL hour and is hosted by Nicole Balderson (NickieNix). PEDOL is a non profit group in regards to ending discrimination, stopping... more

Join ABC for the first 90 min.; explaining the tools of the cabal. At 7:30PST join the Snoop CHick with her guest, Blogger, Joanne Moretti, who exposed Obama's secret messages to global Marxists. You can't miss it.

In the first hour it's Freedomizer Radio Live. In the next two hours Quiet Bear gives us The Bear Truth.

In the first hour Val Valano is live on the radio, tonight's message is, The Door Is Closing! I have a heavy spirit for this message. In the next two hours Larry (Knucklebones) delivers a rude awakening. (13 Illuminati Bloodlines)

Welcome to the Proof Negative Show, home of REAL discussion of Patriot News. Proof describes how we need to free ourselves from the Republican-Democrat boxes the Global Elites placed us in. Come join us & let us help you wake up... more
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