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Freedomizer Radio is a ground-breaking, unique network. Anything & everything against the New World Order is discussed here. No constant Republican-Democrat fighting. Just the REAL news the Lamestream does not want you to know about! Come listen to Freedomizer before the Fit hits the SHANN! STARTING OCTOBER 3RD, OUR BTR CHAT ROOM WILL BE CLOSED. OUR CHAT ROOM WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE, LISTEN LIVE & CHAT ALL ON ONE PAGE! PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR FREEDOMIZERADIO.COM WEBSITE!

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TBD Project Socrates If you are interested in serious topics discussed by people who don't take themsevles too seriously, join us over at the Project Socrates Show. Check your egos at the door, kids, because the Socratic Method is not about knowing the answers, it is about asking the questions and digging to find the truth. The phone lines are open for you to join in the discussion. Topics may include, (but are not limited to) current affairs, patient's rights, nutrition, fitness and making fun of pop culture. Colleen's facebook page and her website :) Support our network by Joining our live chat and listening at
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First hour, The Die is Cast, With Mindover, freespeech with a twist, busting the NWO down too their knees let them know 'THE DIE IS CAST" Live News real news all the time. Second and third hours we have, We Are Change is a... more

Corruption in government, Historical perspectives, New World Order agenda, plus other topics of interest ranging from Free Energy to what are those flying discs anyway. Conspiracy Theorist covers everything and brings it with his unique... more

Discussing and learning the Legal process and steps to becoming Free of the Corporate Defacto Government.

News review of current events

1st hour we have our weekly Sabbath Show. Freedomizer's online religious, non denominational service. After the Sabbath show,CH will be your host for the Constitution Hours

Jumpin ship with Cptn Dan will be on for the first 2 hours. Cptn Dan will take you on a trip to a sustainable life in the coming times. Join us as we discover how to build sustainable housing, water reclamation and recycling, Growing, preserving... more

Host Deatra Loomer will be discussing the Rise and Fall of this Great nation and what we as Americans can do to legally and peacefully take back out Country. .Rowdee hosts this informative chat concerning all things sports, including the... more

1st 90 minutes we have the ABC Show...2nd 90 minutes we have The Heated Conversation with HOTTIEnRENO! My guest will be Donny Gillson from "The Message". We will be covering Planet Nibiru and Comet Elenin as well as up... more

6pm. EST. In the first 2 hours, Jo Anne Denise and Bobbi bring you the latest news, commentary, investigative reports and current scandals. Hour 3 ABC hosts an open forum. News, entertainment, commentary and other various topics.
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