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Freedom From ME

Freedom From Me


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Freedom from "Me" is about creating enough separation from our minds and emotions. "ME" stands for mind and emotions. Our minds and emotions are how we create our lives and yet no one has taught us about them. So we become victims of ignorance. We don't control what we feel and think but we do control how we respond to what we feel and think. Tune in tell everyone you know becasue this information is out of this world.

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We are the "Created Creators" we've been created to create. Think of any other animal that can create. When was the last time you seen a dog build a building or a cat do surgery. The problem is that we are not taught that we are created... more

We come into this world side-less and we are given a side. The problem with being on a side is that it blinds us from our personal information inside of our experiences. To enter back into the Kingdom of Heaven we must become... more

Why must we get to know what kind of mind we have? Because we did not create our minds our environments did. Once created it tries to re-create its self in our lives through our experiences. Stop by and listen for a moment you have... more

The moment is all there is but we think there are other places. Notice the word "think" there are other places. It's our minds and emotions that keep us unaware of the moment. Tune in and I will teach you how to cultivate present moment... more

Becasue I call it a tool it can be used. It's a spiritual tool that will change your life. Tune in and learn about what the tool is and how to use it.

Everybody is talking about what's wrong with us but no one is teaching us how to change it. We can talk about problems all day but without a process it's just talk.

Creating a bigger gap or space between you and your "ME" is important. Tune in and find out why and how.

Our minds are developed by the physical world and our brains control how we feel. Can you see how both worlds work together to create our lives. Our problem is being too "Human".

It's important to tell my story so that you can see how to become aware of yours. My life experiences moved me to this place without my permisson.

"ME" stands for mind and emotions and we all need freedom from them. Everybody's "Me" is different. Tune in and learn how to get free from yours.