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Are you free? Where are you enslaved, stifled, unfree? What creates a state of freedom in your life? What can you do about it? We will discuss it here.

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Jim and Jennifer welcome Jennifer Scalia to the show! Jennifer has been assisting animals to find emotional and physical well-being, using her natural abilities to balance energy since 2007. She works with hands-on and distance therapy to help clear and balance an animal's chakra system, where they may be holding trauma or fear due to past experiences. She started specializing with horses for a passion to help them perform better in competition by providing a natural therapy for focus as well as to help them with their sensitive systems and empathetic nature. Her website is: www.freeflowtherapy.com
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Simon Weinberg is co-owner of Big Voice Pictures, and Co-producer of Boys and Men Healing and The Healing Years and Outreach and Distribution director for Boys and Men Healing and The Healing Years. Mr. Weinberg was formally... more

Shawn Roop of San Diego, California is our guest, speaking of the freedom within relationships. Presently in an open relationship, he has been sharing Tantra and personal growth since 2001. His specialties include a Certified Master Tantric... more

Jim and Jennifer welcome Aime Hutton. When you look up survivor to thriver in the dictionary you will see Aime Hutton's brilliant smile beaming back at you. However, her smile wasn't always as big as you see it now. Being born 3... more

Award-winning author, photographer and freedom activist, Lone Mørch is the founder of Lolo's Boudoir and creative soul behind the Free Your Sacred Journey program. She's been empowering women for years through her... more

Trent Dyrsmid is a man who has found his freedom in the business world. A serial entrepreneur, a Canadian, and an extreme sports nut, his last venture was a firm named Dyrand Systems that he founded in 2001 and sold in 2008. In between... more

Belinda Farrell is a courageous woman sharing personal woes so that others may find strength in their own journey. She lights the path of hope, brightens the realm of despair and embraces the act of survival. Cal-Berkeley graduate,... more

Child and adult obesity has been a growing issue for our society. To combat this trend, an initiative for Healthy Eating / Active Living (HEAL) has been established, and one woman helping to lead the charge is Melanie Briones. The Sr. Project... more

Jim and Jennifer welcome Jack Duffy to the show. Jack became interested in the JFK assassination after seeing a bootleg copy of the famous Zapruder film of President Kennedy's fatal motorcade in 1972. He has been researching the... more

This Friday's show is all about visioning for the future and then committing to that vision for the highest success you can experience. Join Jennifer and Jim as they invite you to search within for the truest vision you could wish for your life, and... more

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Jim, Jennifer and Phyllis Curott. Phyllis is an attorney and author of numerous books and essays including the internationally best selling memoir Book of Shadows, her personal story of how an Ivy League... more