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Are you free? Where are you enslaved, stifled, unfree? What creates a state of freedom in your life? What can you do about it? We will discuss it here.

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On June 27 of this year we interviewed author, designer, environmentalist Cliff Durfee on Freedom for All Radio! Sadly and tragically, Cliff passed away in October. In his honor, we are replaying his interview today as a tribute to him and his work. We are thankful to him and all he has done over the years. Cliff joins us to speak on a subject he'd been following and studying for over three years: chemtrails. Perhaps you've noticed a growing number of horizon-to-horizon whitish streaks in the sky and have discounted them as normal jet trails or vapor trails. However, if they last over five minutes and go clear across the sky, they are most likely Chemtrails, which are not normal and are part of a whole subject called "geoengineering" - a topic we would all be wise to learn about. Tune in. Passionate to awaken the public to what's really going on, Cliff presents information about this phenomenon from his studied perspective. Cliff holds a BA in Math and Physics, had a 13-year career as a software engineer for advanced command and control computer systems, and has also had an entirely different career in graphic design, website design, videography/editing/production, and assisting people in self-publishing their books in the company he founded called Design Affect. He was also founder/owner of the company called Live Love Laugh which has sold products to over 2700 gift stores and which has published the three books he's authored. His latest and greatest book is ?Stories for the Inner Ear? (www.StoriesForTheInnerEar.com) - foreword by Jack Canfield - focusing on truly getting in touch with your inner voice and intuition through the wonderful world of story telling and allegories.
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