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Are you free? Where are you enslaved, stifled, unfree? What creates a state of freedom in your life? What can you do about it? We will discuss it here.

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Jim and Jennifer welcome Derrick Broze to the show. Derrick is a freelance journalist and activist from Houston, Texas. He founded the activist alliance "The Houston Free Thinkers" in 2010 and "The Conscious Resistance Network" in the summer of 2012. His writing can be found at Benswann.com, TheLibertyBeat.com, TonyStiles.com and TheAntiMedia.org.
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Today Jim and Jennifer welcome Tom Paladino to the show. Tom Paladino has developed a treatment process, using a scalar instrument, whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen,... more

Today's show will be about the freedom of pure perception, as taught by the famous teacher J. Krishnamurti. For the past 10 years, Richard Waxberg has created and facilitated in-depth exploratory immersive retreats based on... more

This week on Freedom for All we take a peek into the whole Pink Ribbon, pink movement for breast awareness month. What does it mean really? What is all the pink about? Our guest activist and certified nutritionist Donna Pinto will offer... more

Relationships make the world go around. In this special edition of Freedom For All, our hosts - a couple in matrimonial relationship themselves - lead us in Couple's Corner, a chance to peer into conversation and musings related to... more

With the recent coverage of domestic violence, bullying and child abuse affecting the workplace within the NFL, questions abound about what can be expected in our workplace and what can support our workplace so that it is at its... more

Jim and Jennifer welcome Jennifer Scalia to the show! Jennifer has been assisting animals to find emotional and physical well-being, using her natural abilities to balance energy since 2007. She works with hands-on and distance... more

Listen in to this replay from August of last year with Activist Barbara Cole. Barbara is a mom on a mission. Barbara's early advocacy on the PTA grew into a CA Statewide coalition that PASSED - with astounding support - the 2003 "Healthy... more

Jim and Jennifer are honored to welcome to the show all the way from Australia, Deanne Love. Hooper, teacher, creator, learner; Deanne's desire to connect people through dance, music and fun fuelled the creation of global hoop... more

Jim and Jennifer welcome Dr. Dan Geller to the show. Dr. Geller is an experienced researcher and analyst, and an expert in statistical modeling. He developed the Money Anxiety concept and index after observing how a... more

Today Jim and Jennifer spend some sacred time as they honor Jim's mother, Patricia Grace, whom we lost on July 26, 2014. A touching tribute from a son to a mom, Jim will recall fond memories and perhaps offer one of his pieces of... more