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Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word from Heaven for the day.

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There are those who sleep and are dead yet walking it appear they are alive but in reality they are the walking dead. I am talking about those who attend churches, some preach, some have no motive for God or to do anything unto God.There are those who complain about being expose or complain about the one who are exposing. Remember cry loud and spare not. Why? Because hell is real and the wages of sin is death. To those who will believe the truth the gift of God is enternal life.How did you get here and why are big questions. Consider God and talk with him today. Learn to here the truth no matter who speaks it and walk away with the truth and nothing more.
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Dr.Evelyn Drayton is a sought-after speaker and has appeared as guest on several television shows including the award-winning national and international artist Babbie Mason's show Babbie's House. She has been a repeat guest on... more

Blessed Water we are going to pray over water and write down what this Blessed water is for today. Spiritual Growth - Ministry - Healing - Marriages - employment - fInances - Family - Friends - Whatever you want God to bless we are asking him... more

Pastor Michael Kelly message Yes We Can he teaches we can come together on one accord and live right before Almighty God. He also share we are all of the same stock and we are all sinners but Jesus. Many may not want to atest to this... more

Author Michelle Bless writer of the book Out of the Darkness the Michelle Bless Story. This book was written to provide hope to individuals lost in the world due to physical, mental, sexual and physiological abuse suffered from loved ones... more

Comment on Who's Got Your Ears? Today we will discuss this open topic. It is the inclination to make truth what you want it to be. It makes an audience quite content with the illusion of the truth rather than the reality of the truth Freedom... more

2010 Blessings sharing, giving Gifts, and Helping others. Come here the good news of how it will bless you and others through you. Min Ogletree of Miami, Florida Guest Speaker. Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of... more

Miiki Hig 17 yr Old Gospel Singer and in college at the age of 16. Miiki will share her christian experience and how she obstain from peer pressure. Your children need to hear this interview. Sup Derrick Hutchins of the COGIC pre recorded... more

Wanda Jenkins of Legal Shield member of the Chambers south council will be sharing Legal Shield and answering questions. Call in and share how you have invested in Jesus.The more is how Jesus invested in you. Freedom Doors... more

Evangelist Barbara Mack of Freedom Doors Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida. Message: Forgive. Luke 17:1-4 Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many... more

Live Testimonies you can call in and share the goodness of the Lord today. Pre Recorded Message of Sup Derrick Hutchins: Christ in You the Hope of Glory. Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus... more
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